Is Carl Weisman (Xmas song 'Jingle Bells' by the Barking Dogs) still living?

Well, technically, he called them the “Singing Dogs,” but anyway. . .

Apparently, he created this perennial favorite back in the mid 1950s, but it took it some time for it to become the classic that we all know and. . . love?

Anyway, can’t find any info on the chap, other than he was a Danish recording engineer. My Google-fu turns up no vital information, and pretty much only stuff from around the time of the recording.

You need to search for Carl Weismann. Died 1999.

He was evidently a pretty well-known ornithologist in Europe, who had his sound archive at the British Library Sound Archive in London. No word on whether they also took his doggie recordings. :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks a bunch!

If he is, there’s no justice in this world.