Is Cecil God?

Aren’t you guys missing the point? This thread is just a shameless attempt at getting Cecil to reply to the boards.

No way it will work, though :smiley:

even more ingenious, Duke. see, most of the deists on this board hold it as a certain prerequisite that god will not stoop so low as to prove his own existence (babel fish theory). If god did prove his own existence, we would be forced to obey him, our free will would be revoked, etc.

Cecil will obviously (hopefully) not reply to this sour mash of a thread. And in not doing so, he will only cement the beliefs of the OP.

in the name of the zotti, and of the son, and of the holy sd_staffer, amen.

Ah, but this thread has not yet proven or disproven whether Cecil is God. Cecil’s appearance in this thread would not necessarily affect the Deists one way or another. Deists could always take the appearance of Cecil to prove that he (Cecil) is not God.

But if Cecil proves both his existence, and that he is God, will we be forced to obey Cecil and have our Free Will revoked?

You know, I’ve been to threads where C-cil showed up, so whether He shows up here or not is immaterial to me.

But, even if He did, I am sure that DavidB and his cronies would dismiss it as mass hysteria or something…

BTW, Sua, jb, could one of you enlighten the unenlightened among us?

the “irony” would be, the all of the atheists have been posting on god’s board all along! mwa ha ha ha

Sure, sdimmy. See the OP in this related thread.


Umm… NO.

And, thanks for the reference.

Funny, JB. Fuh-nee!

sdimbertokomous, I could enlighten you, but it would involve lopping your index finger off.

jota berge