Is climatic adjustmnet possible? Or, help! I'm dying of humidity

I relocated from the Western U.S. to the Mid-Atlantic region a year ago and really, really suffer from the high humidity during the summer. I feel as if I’m breathing in water and doing even the smallest outdoor task on summer days nearly kills me.

I have been discussing this with co-workers who have lived here all their lives and they express that they are comfortable in the humidity. They, on the other hand, talk about yicky and dried-out when they travel to the more arid West.

For those of you who have lived in both climates, what say you? Did you ever become accustomed to the “foreign” humidity or dryness?

I grew up in Houston (land of moisture), moved to Austin (not as much moisture, but still, quite a bit), and then moved to the high desert of Oregon (drier than a dry thing in the dry season).

I got used to the dryness really fast. I was never comfortable with the humidity in Texas. The first year I was here, I got nosebleeds every now and then. Other than the constant volcanic dust, I love it here. Going back to visit people in Texas is miserable.

I spent most of my earlier years in Florida. Hot & humid, alrighty. But as a teen, I remember wearing long pants even in the summer (to hide scars on my legs from fire ant bites, in case anyone was wondering). It didn’t bother me.

I’ve spend the last dozen or so years here in the Pacific Northwest. Far less hot & far less humid (unless you’re countin’ the rain). For the most part, I’ve been cold all the damn time here. Until recently.

I’ve actually finally acclimatized. I can go out in 55 degree weather with just a windbreaker and not complain about being fricken freezin. Who knows, mighta happened sooner if I was not hypothyroid.

Now, I don’t know how well it works in reverse. :smiley:

I was so happy when my parents got an air conditioner after almost 13 years of none. I couldn’t sleep during hot humid weeks. Two weeks at a time with hardly ever sleeping is horible. The first five years after turning 18 I couldn’t afford an air conditioner, and wouldn’t sleep for weeks at a time. I will never adjust to high humidity and heat. I feel the most important invention of all time is air conditioning, and is the last thing in the world I will ever give up.

I grew up in northern Louisiana and went to college in New Orleans (Ok, Houston. want to go for a heat and humidity shootout?) I now live in the Boston area. New England goes full cycle. It is fairly dry during the winter and has heat and humidity waves during the summer. Today could pass for a Louisiana day for example.

I like humidity pretty well. I don’t like get dried out and having nosebleeds. My favorite combo is an 80 degree day with humidity in the low 80’s as well. Don’t let anyone talk you into going to New Orleans or Houston during the summer. You would probably just keel over as soon as you stepped out of the plane.

Yeah, you can adapt. I grew up in North Flroida in one of the most humid cities in the US and was used to not having air. Then I moved to Atlanta and it was so dry, the skin on my face would peel. But I got used to it. Now I’m in Austin and what the locals think is humid is laughable.

I think the secret is to get outside. If you’re constantly in climate controlled places, the few times you step outside, you’ll be miserable. Go for walks or jogs in the evening and learn to adapt. Sure, you’ll sweat you’re ass off but you’ll also acclimate.

I grew up in Northern Virginia and the humidity is horrible. I am living in Northern California now and the summer is so pleasant without the humidity. It’s so much nicer here in the summers! The humidity in the mid-Atlantic is just miserable.

Most nights this month we have our windows open at night, and it’s cool, breezy and dry. You’d never ever be able to do that in Virginia during the summer.

I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life and had air conditioning the last 10 years or so…and now I am back to not having A/C and I think I am going to drop dead soon.

If I didn’t have A/C in my car to look forward to (I get to work at home all day, with no A/C) or if I couldn’t go camp out at my parents’ house (with A/C) I’d probably be a goner already. Sitting here in the humidity all day is BRUTAL. I’ve got ceiling fans, oscillating fans, a whole-house fan…NOTHING beats the humidity.

It boggles my mind how folks can prefer Florida or Louisiana weather - surely more humid than this, and all year round. eep!

I’d more suggest sitting around in a chair with some iced tea, and THEN when you get used to that, go for a walk. A slow walk. If you want to jog, go in the morning when it’s cool, not at sundown when it’s still 90 or 95. You may not sunburn, but you can still get heatstroke. So, be sure that “miserable” doesn’t include dizzy, shaking, nauseated, or not sweating.