Is Dan Brown's description of the Holy Grail in Th Da Vinci Code accurate? (Spoilers)

How much poetic license does Dan Brown take with his description of the Holy Grail in his novel The Da Vinci Code?

[spoiler]Dan writes that the word Sangreal, from which we derive Holy Grail, is generally believed to be derived from the collusion of two words: “San” and “Greal,” literally “Holy Grail.” He then goes on to claim that the two original words were misinterpreted, and that they really were “Sang Real” or “Royal Blood.”

Dan claims that the Holy Grail is really a metaphor for Mary Magdalene and that she was JHC’s wife and mother of his children. He also claims that JHC intended her to cary on his teachings and “build his church”. [/spoiler]

Anyone care to punditificate?

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Do a search on the words Brown and grail in the SDMB archives, and you’ll find plenty of reading material on this question.

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This column of Cecil’s may be of interest: What is the Holy Grail?

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