Is dental bridgework subject to planned obsolescence?

Dopers, help me out here —

Bad enough one’s natural teeth can fall out. I say, you spend a gang of money on a piece of bridgework or a set of dentures, teeth should not be falling out of them too.

Is it a fair sign of poor workmanship if a fake tooth falls out (of its pink resin base) after six months?

How about two or three or four years?

How long is it reasonable to expect that the thing will hold together?

I’ve got two crowned incisors that I’ve had for about 30 years. One of them came out once about twelve years ago, but I had it reinstalled and so far that’s it. (knock on wood) I’d sure expect more than a few years out of bridgework, but I don’t really know if that’s reasonable or not…some of the pieces I’ve seen look kind of delicate.

When I had my bridges installed, I was told they would last about 20 years, and then I would have to have them redone. Going on 10 now, and no problems to report, except some recession around the gum line that is a little funny colored. But that’s more a function of not properly flossing than anything my original dentist did wrong. (Flossing under bridgework sucks!)

I had all my crowns except one done by the same dentist, who also did my partial. The only crown he didn’t do is the one that fell out a few years ago, and he glued it back for me, with no problems since.

He told me that crowns can last upwards of 20 years, the same for partials, as long as you care for them properly.

For flossing under bridgework, Oral-B makes a product called SuperFloss that is really good. Beats those stupid floss threaders.

There are plastic toothpicks, called Brushpicks, that have a ridged triangular tip on one end and a smaller tip with tiny bristles on the other end. They work very nicely around and under bridgework. My dentist and dental hygienist approve of me using these things.

I had an entire set of upper IMPLANTS fail. They somehow got infected, and the infection spread, with no external symptoms, until all the implants were affected. After having spent tens of thousands of dollars, plus pain and suffering, including sinus grafts, I had to have them surgically removed (more pain and suffering and expense), and wound up with a denture.

I feel for your pain and suffering, not to mention the financial loss. Even so, I would like to know how the denture has worked out for you?
For a lot of reasons, I went without good dental care for several years and now need extensive bridge work which equals many thousands of dollars. At my age, it doesn’t seem like a good investment. I lean towards having the teeth I have left pulled, bottom and top, and going the denture route. Pardon the intrusion and the hijack.

how many years into it? every once in a while, the area around my implant gets sensitive. There were no symptoms at all? It terrifies me that something could go wrong with it, mostly because I like it so much. (I always knew I had a flipper or a bridge in my mouth, this thing I forget I even have it)