Is "Die Hard" a Christmas Movie?

Yes or No? Discuss.

The working premise is the attack on the building is during a Christmas party and that John is heading out to meet his wife at that time of year. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with Christmas, so my answer is ‘no’.

It’s my Dad’s favourite Christmas movie. He watches it every year.

It has nothing to do with Christmas, but I watch The Hunt for Red October every year while I wrap presents.

Does it speak of Santa? no
Does it speak of Jesus? no
Does it speak of family gathered together? not really
Does it speak of any significance of the day itself? not really

So, no.

It’s not only a Christmas movie, it’s one of the GREATEST Christmas movies ever.

“Now*** I*** have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho!”

I believe “Jesus” and possibly “Christ” are heard in the dialogue.

Anyway, it’s a Christmas movie in the same way that The Great Escape is.

What’s the classic Christmas movie that really has nothing to do with Christmas, yet is still considered one? Oh great, my brain will hurt for hours due to this!


It is most certainly a Christmas movie, although they could have done a little better job tying that in. No, it isn’t about Christmas like most in the category, but that makes it even better as an antidote to the seasonal smaltz.

The Sound of Music?

It’s a movie that (a) takes place at Christmas and (b) is often played at Christmas. That makes it a Christmas movie, even if it’s not a Christmas-y movie.

christmas party

happy ending

is a christmas movie.

Yippee-ki-yay, mother fucker it is. It’s got Christmas music, a big old Christmas party, presents, and explosions, what more could a guy ask for? :smiley:

Very much so. One of the wife’s favorites. (Mine too.) (The second one is a Christmas movie too.)

Of course it’s a Christmas movie. It’s just a lot of it is metaphorical.

Hans Gruber is the greedy kid who has been naughty rather than nice, John McClain is Santa Claus, dropping presents of high explosives down the chimney, and the cop and limo driver are his elves. Obvious, really. :wink:

Like a good action sequence don’t belong in Christmas?/Crow

Of course it’s a Christmas movie.

Wait, wait, wait, so who are the FBI agents?!?

How did that tradition start? It actually sounds kind of relaxing.

As for the thread I was originally going to say ‘no’ but now I’m going to say ‘yes’, in the same way that Gremlins is a Christmas movie.

The secular left, who’s always trying to destroy Christmas.

That sounds correct!

:smack: I see, its all so clear now!

It’s not just a Christmas movie, it’s my wife’s favorite Christmas movie. :slight_smile:

Silly you. Of course it is a Christmas movie as well as Die Hard 2, Lethal Weapon 1, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.