Is "Die Hard" a Christmas Movie?

“This December, when one kid finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, his desperate wish is granted in — Big Hard.”

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It all depends on your definition. I, and most others, define “Christmas movie” as one shown during the holidays, about Christmas. Polar Express, Miracle on 34th street, etc.

Die hard, and even It’s a Wonderful Life- occur during Christmas, but the central plots and themes are not about Christmas.

BtW- there are some memes and a YouTube that purport DH hard 6 or even 12 Christmas Carols. It has exactly One- a rap song. True, Jingle Bells and Winter wonderland are briefly played, but those are seasonal Winter Songs, they do not mention Christmas at all.

But that just adds to the argument that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, because they had essentially the same argument in the movie itself.

“Can’t you play some Christmas music?”
“This IS Christmas music!”


I accept your argument that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie in the same way that Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland are not Christmas songs.

It’s about a man preoccupied with his job trying to reunite with his family for Christmas. That’s such a Christmas plot it’s practically cliche. It’s a Christmas movie beyond any doubt or question. Only Grinches deny that.

Okay, sure. In a weird alternate dimension where freaking Jingle Bells is not a Christmas carol, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

Not a Christmas movie! The Grinch could have stolen any holiday without substantially changing the plot!

FWIW There was a poll attached to this that was eaten by the board migration. I don’t remember the exact totals before it was lost but it was slightly leaning in the Yes camp as I recall.

It came! The Great Pumpkin came, just the same!

It’s worth noting that, they did in fact make a Halloween Grinch movie, and even as a kid, I realized it sucked.

You can take the Grinch out of Christmas, but you can’t take Christmas out of the Grinch!

Read the lyrics. It is about snow and winter, not specifically Christmas. Sure, it and several other winter songs are played during the holiday season, but not just on Christmas, no?

Is "A few of my Favorite Things" a Christmas song as it goes into rotation during the winter?

Yes. Of course it is.

So every song played Thanksgiving to Christmas is a Christmas song?

No. Of course it isn’t.

What else can I help you with today?

This Christmas music tangent is a little funny because there was a sister thread to this asking if “Linus and Lucy” was Christmas Music but I had stopped bumping that one because it stopped getting further discussion.

The Mountain radio station (I :heart: (Heart) radio) in Phoenix does play Christmas holiday songs and music in November and December.

“Linus & Lucy” is in their playbook of Christmas music too.

Here is a newer rendition from the Jerry Granelli trio:

I have heard Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland a total of zero times in February. Must be just a coincidence.

Hey, I think I saw that movie. Except it was in a, um, different movie theater.

Yes it is an xmas movie it has Mary McDonnell in it! I mean Bonnie Bedalia too. :christmas_tree: