Is DIVX Dead?

      • Opal posted about this when it came out - in my area the only place that seemed to sell players and disks was Circuit City. I think about 25% of every print ad was devoted to promoting these things, but now I don’t see anything about them at all. I haven’t been into C.C. in a long time (other stores seem have better stuff and prices) so I dunno: is DIVX still sold? Do the ones already sold still work? - MC

Yep, DIVX is dead. Good thing, too. Circuit Shitty found that, gosh, we weren’t falling for that cute little ripoff. Awww. For further details, see [url=]this Wired News article.

Um… 2nd try.
This Wired News article has the details.

Yes, the old ones still work. All of them can also play conventional DVD movies. And in what I consider a pretty classy move, CC is offering a $100 rebate to everyone who bought a DIVX machine prior to their June 16 announcement that they are discontinuing the program. If you have one, go to for info.

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Speaking as a former journalist who covered this stuff for, I can say with complete authority that DIVX is indeed dead. The reason CC was the only place that sold DIVX equipment and disks is that the format was pretty much owned and operated by Dick Sharp and the rest of the CC fools. While there was some buy-in to this technology (Philips, Panasonic, and a few others) it was incredibly unpopular in general. The big DIVX ads, along with a lot of “creative representation of the truth” by sales staff, were an attempt to make DIVX catch on. It falied this for many reasons – I won’t recap the debate for you, but the link I posted has some excellent archived articles and message board stuff for your use.

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