Is dog-kennelling inhumane?

I am going to get my barren backyard landscaped soon. I had a landscaper over yesterday and we talked about it.

Currently my dog has run of the backyard and it is full of holes because she (a husky) likes to dig. My landscaper thinks I should put up what he called a “dog run”, basically a chain link fence to keep my dog in one part of the yard. She would only be in there while a human is not out there with her. That way we can landscape the yard and not worry about her destroying it.

I haven’t measured it exactly, but the “dog run” would be about 25-30 feet long by about 5 feet wide.

I’d like some feedback. Is this considered inhumane? I’d of course be sure to let her out every day to romp around for a while and also take her for walks. Anybody here have experience with this? Should I provide a larger kennel?

Valid question, but since it’s more opinion and feedback you’re seeking, I’m moving this over to IMHO. Bet the folks there will offer some research along with the advice.

Moderator, IMHO

The landscaper is right about dog runs. The dog doesn’t need the entire back yard, just room to run. The 5 x 25-30 is plenty of room for a dog run. This is not the same as kenneling which has less room.

As you say, you still let the dog out to play with it, and take it for walks, etc.

That’s not inhumane. That’s way generous. Most crate-trained dogs are accustomed to living in MUCH smaller environs than that.

Heck our Greyhounds do it every day of their happy-go-lucky dog lives.

I personally don’t have much to add, but I’d recommend you e-mail Cyndar or Coosa. Either should be willing and able to give you input.