Is Drawn Together coming back for a second season?

I didn’t love it, but it was something I watched every week after South Park.

Anyone know if it is coming back?

Also, did anyone know there was an unaired episode?

According to epguides:


I heard it was renewed and more episodes were on order, perhaps to arrive this fall.

It wasn’t so much that it made fun of Christopher Reeve, but that when it was scheduled to air, he had just recently passed away!

Ouch indeed!

Btw, I first heard about his passing on radio that Sunday night from Art Bell- about 30 min before CNN released the news.

Ugh… that’s poor taste. I’m not usually one to have a stick up my ass about crossing lines, but this line should not be crossed. Maybe it’s just that I’ve always harbored a lot of respect for Christopher Reeve; I don’t know. But that joke makes me feel… uneasy.

As to Drawn Together—another season? What? I’ve seen a couple of episodes, and I remember thinking that it was the sort of thing that would have been funny as a one-shot, but there just wasn’t enough to sustain the humor beyond one or two episodes. Maybe a feature film, but a whole TV show is more than the gag needs. And the cruelty toward Toot was too one-sided to be funny. I just couldn’t make myself like this show, even though I wanted to.

Personally, I’d prefer they start each season with a new set of characters (there are plenty of cartoon characters ready to be skewered) like a true reality show.

Maybe a parody of Survivor this time, instead of the Real World…

One thing the description of the unaired episode doesn’t mention: based on another description I read, Foxxy’s brain tumor causes her to turn into a “Mammy” stereotype.

Wow… I didn’t know they were coming back for a 2nd season. I LOVED the first season. Even more of a lack of taste than South Park. Ah, good fun :D.

OOOHHH, I wanna see that! :smiley:

Even better if they can work Al Jolson into it!

That’s what the season finale seemed to imply. At the end, the cast gets in a helicopter (or plane, I forget) and crashes on a tropical island.

Damn. Just damn.

I can only hope that it’s coming back.