Is Effie a name or short for something

On Mama’s Family she has a sister-in-law named Effie. Is this short for something or a name in full?

I once had a neighbor who was called Effie. Her actual first name was Persephone. I think Effie can also be a nickname for women named Elizabeth, Josephine, Euphemia, lots of other things.

I think it’s short for Euphemia.

I thought it was short for Iphegena (Iphegenia?), but apparently I’m wrong. It’s Euphemia. At least it’s Greek.

euphemia, ephrosene, epiphania for starters, all have ephie or effie as nicks.

My Granny’s name is Effie. It’s not short for anything.

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In the film “Mrs. Doubtfire,” it’s short for Euphegenia.

Didn’t Edgar Bergen have another little wooden friend named Effie Klinker??

We met a guy who owned a steel sailboat. He called her **Effie O II **

In case you don’t get it, that’s iron oxide - rust - steel boat - cute, huh?

in other news… i actually saw a bit of a parade this morning. no worries, no rain!


Sam Spade’s “faithful secretary” in The Maltese Falcon was named Effie Perine. Unfortunately, I don’t believe either the book or the movie ever gave her real name. Spade was too busy calling her “angel”, “darling”, and a “class dame”.

My great-grandmother (Dad’s side) was named Effie–that was her name. Not saying it couldn’t be a nickname for another name, but it is a name in it’s own right. It was probably a more popular name … in the nineteenth century (heh).

There’s a TV character ‘Effy’, in that case short for Elizabeth.

I had a great-aunt named Effie. It seems to have been a moderately popular name in the U.S. for children born in 1900. It then began dropping in popularity and had nearly disappeared by about 1950:

Effie is also short for Evelyn.

Could it not also be a corruption of the Irish name Aoife? (Pronounced EE-fa)

I agree with you on this… one of the members of Cherish the Ladies pronounced her name “Effie”

Interesting and thanks for the site link.

Yeah Candice Bergan’s had another wooden friend named “Effie” to play with when she was little, I never heard of her but my Granny confirms this…LOL