Is eight hours too long to go without being offered a drink of water?

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley blamed “the needless death” on Democratic Congressmen.

Yes, this 7 year-old child was a heinous criminal or terrorist, but shouldn’t she have been offered a glass of water?

Or intravenous fluids.

Are mean people attracted to this sort of job, or are they just very stupid?

**Is eight hours too long to go without being offered a drink of water?

**Yes it is. I would expect that anyone with any sense at all would offer water rather immediately in such a case. Also, in any other case where someone was taken into custody at the border.

She was without food or water for several days. It should have been blindingly obvious to the most untrained person that she was in trouble. There’s no way her temp went from normal to almost 106 in eight hours.

In this particular case, it looks like a nearly dead child finished dying, and probably would have died no matter who picked them up. I’m no fan of Trump or his goons, but if you drag a child through the desert for several days with no food or water expecting a last-second miracle recovery, that death is on you.


It’s a tragedy that all of these Central Americans are risking so much just to come here.

Are they being lied to about what’s waiting for them in the good ol’ USA?

I was speaking to an immigrant from Germany recently. She came here (legally) when she was in her 20s I believe. She claims that she was always told that as soon as you arrived on American soil, you would instantly become rich. The mechanics of how this would happen, I didn’t ask, nor did she say.

Do many people in other countries really believe that? This lady wasn’t lying, she really believed it.

Worse than that, people that actually LIVE in the US think that everyone who crosses the border illegal immediately gets tens of thousands of dollars and every service you can imagine provided to them by good ol’ American tax payers.

Of course they don’t believe that, especially not in fucking Germany for gods sake, stop being stupid.

I’m being stupid? It’s what she told me. Maybe she’s stupid, but she wasn’t lying to me. Also, she came to the US back in the 60s or 70s.

nm again

Why the false dichotomy? :smiley:
But IME, there’s a fair bit of overlap when it comes to mean and very stupid.

I don’t see how you know this. She was alive when they got there, and she was hungry and dehydrated. How do you know that getting her fluids and then nutrition wouldn’t have saved her?

I see no reason to assume things that in any way exonerate Trump. That they didn’t even try is still damning.

Show me that this girl received significant first aid and was transferred to a hospital within an hour of being detained, and you know my outrage will evaporate. Show me that ICE shrugged their shoulders and said, “She’s gonna die anyway, whaddya gonna do?” and I’ll be even more pissed.

What it looks like is incompetence fueled by racist hostility toward border crossers.

Maybe, but there’s a difference between offering some basic fucking human comfort to a dying person and kicking her when she’s down.

Guess which one covers the failure to offer a drink of water for several hours?

If she was in as bad shape as you say, then why did the Immigration agents wait 8 hours to do anything? When coming across someone who hasn’t had food or water for days your response should be to get them food, water and medical attention ASAP, not “Well, they’ve been without food and water for a couple of days so what’s eight more hours?”

Thank you for your expert medical opinion. Nothing in the links actually verifies that that was the case.

It’s impossible to determine the the exact facts of the case from the information in the links in the OP. But even if her caretaker was hadn’t taken proper care of her, once she was in custody the authorities bear some responsibility for her welfare.

Shit, they even feed guys on death row.

Based on the WaPo reporting I read, we don’t know if “Immigration agents waited hours to do anything.” We actually know next to nothing about the specifics of this girl’s death, and I’m not sure why anyone’s ready to lynch the ICE agents involved who had the unenviable task of processing and triaging 163 migrants with who knows how many health issues spread among them. Maybe an investigation will ultimately reveal they were pure evil, but until then…
I think the anger in this case shouldn’t be directed toward ICE (yet), but towards US immigration policy that continues to push the downtrodden into increasingly dangerous situations. Border fencing and walls in populated areas and shutting down checkpoints has forced immigrants into making dangerous desert crossings. Thousands are estimated to have died, this 7 year old is just one more victim of cruel and heartless policies towards Hispanic immigrants.