Is EMINEM related to the beaver?

EMINEM (AKA Marshall Mathers III), the foul-mouthed rapper/musician? Shares his last name with JerryMathers (AKA the “beaver”) in that dopy 1950’s family comedy TV show, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. Are they related? I can see a few similarities of expression, but it is hard to imagine the sweet innocent “Beaver” mouthing the vile things that Eminem spews.
Anybody know if they are kin?

After popping both of their names into it seems that they are totally unrelated. I’m sure that is a load off from all of our minds.

Actually they are related, just like Marylin Manson and Paul from the Wonder Years are related.

Which, of course, means they aren’t related at all.

And, since one urban legend’s been mentioned, I should mention that Jerry Mathers was not killed in 'Nam.

And he didn’t grow up to become Alice Cooper…

And he didn’t die from a mix of pop-rocks and coke either…

But I heard that he DID die by being shot in the stomach with a pop-rocks cannon by Alice Cooper.

Say… if Jerry Mathers is dead, who was in that All New Leave it to Beaver show?

No, that was Mikey from the LIFE cereal commercials. Although that rumor got dispelled when the cereal folks actually featured a teenage Mikey in the 80s and re-did the commercial with the original kids just a year or so ago…
Didn’t Eddie Haskell grow up to be John Holmes or something?


He didn’t die, he just had to have the semen pumped from his stomach and the gerbil removed from his ass.

So, let me see if I have this straight.
[li]Eminem is NOT related to the Beaver.[/li][li]The Beaver did not die in Nam OR from eating pop rocks[/li][li]Hi Opal! :D[/li][/list=A]

But Time magazine this week had a picture of Eminem’s face taken from an above-and-in-front angle. And guess who he looks like the blond brother or cousin of? I’d been thinking it might be worth asking this, myself – or at least throwing in the line “and Marshall Mathers as The Beaver” as a joke line in an appropriate thread.

The guy who played Eddie Haskell worked as a sheriff’s deputy in LA for a while. I read about this in the paper about 20 years ago because he made some big rescue or something like that. For all I know he may still be a deputy now.

He also returned for the Leave It To Beaver reunion and the Still The Beaver show.

“Ward, weren’t you a little bit hard on the Beaver last night?” - June Cleaver

Ken Osmond was a member of the Los Angeles Poice Dept. He retired some years ago.

I heard on the radio some years ago that Jerry Mathers invested his money very well, was the only one who made any money in the first place, and became very rich.
As for Eminem I never listened to his music, but he doesn’t seem very attractive physically, so one wonders what the appeal is. He doesn’t even look like an attractive punk type but seems like a nebbish or possibly even a schlub in physiognomy, too round, too soft, too “fat,” like he ate too many M & M’s. The company should repudiate him from being their spokesperson.

Anyone else realize what June actually said to Ward every day?

“Ward, weren’t you a little hard on the BEAV last nite?”

Makes one cringe at the thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they are related. Any two individual with the same last name are always related.

And there’s also this bridge in Brooklyn for sale . . .

Hey, HEY! That’s my bridge, I tell you, all mine!