Did the Real Slim Shady finally shut up?

Just got this by mail, but I cannot acess the link. Weird. Is that true?

I say it’s a hoax.

1 - Why is this the only source for the news story. Surely at least one network would have picked it up.

2 - The grammar in the short article you provided is attrocious and by no means up to snuff for any publication.

3 - I doubt paramedics would be quoted about the state of an accident victim - that would be the police providing that information.

It may be true, but I doubt it.

I suspect that, with the amount of money Eminem is pulling in these days, he’d either be driven around in a limo or be renting something a little flashier than a Saturn coupe. Very rarely do you see a platinum-selling recording artist driving around in a domestic these days.

Hoax. Confirmed by the official website.

We can always hope, can’t we?

Did I just say that?

I can’t believe so many people want Eminem to die so bad. You’re all crazy. Do you really want him to die at the height of his fame and hear cheezy tribute songs about him for the next three years A’la that no-talent “Biggie Smalls”, or would you rather be patient and let his novelty wear of so he will be made fun of in 5 years A’la Vanilla Ice. Be careful what you wish for my friends, you just might get it :wink:

Hmmm…you’ve got a point, Cisco.

Who cares about Eminem? Give him some more time for him to follow the Vanilla Ice road.

What I find interesting is that there’s a ton of folks who talk about him, just as if he’s Vanilla Ice.

He’s not, and from what I’ve heard he’s taking pains to avoid just that. So we’ll have to see.

Me, I think he’ll be around longer than Vanilla Ice, but I don’t think he’s going to have the longevity of, say, Ice Cube, but he’s not Vanilla Ice… skin color aside.

I wonder if that’s partly a subliminal race thing… so many folks don’t like him, and folks that would never think of telling Colin Powell to take of the suit cause he’s black, are comfortable making fun of Eminem or Vanilla Ice 'cause they’re white guys rapping.

I guess we’ll just have to see…

It’s a hoax. As I said before in the other thread about this, that man is far too hot to die.

Besides, as someone else said when debunking it a couple of days ago, why on earth would someone worth as much as he was be driving a rental Saturn coupe? :smiley:

Oh my, I think I’m going to hurl.

Volcanoes are hot too, and all they bring is destruction, pain and despair.

I don’t make fun of Eminem and Vanilla Ice 'cause they’re white guys rapping. I make fun of them because they’re both (each in their own separate and unique way) really awful.

While on the other hand I’m all in favor of the Beastie Boys. So it’s not so much a race thing as a taste thing.

Maybe because Eminem is a misogynistic, homophobic bastard.
I LOATHE Eminem, with every fiber of my being.
Yeah, a man who beats his wife and brags about killing her to his daughter in a SONG is “hot.”

If you need a new prescription for your glasses or a new hearing aid, I am sure we can take up a collection for you.

I have a nice straitjacket here.