D12 rapper Proof dead


Bad week for Eminem. First his marriage officially dissolves, then his best friend dies.

Wow, that’s really sad. Wasn’t he the one who was supposed to be played by Mekhi Pfeifer in the movie?

Would this be a bad time to say I hate when the media give the real name of rap artists? If it’s a stage name, it’s the name they go by. I don’t see the singer referred to as Bob Dylan, real name Robert Zimmerman.

I think if Bob Dylan died they’d mention his real name.

This is real sad. Not only for his friends and family, but artistically, Proof was a pretty good rapper. He was by far the most talented member of D12 (excluding Eminem, naturally) and I think given the right opportunities he could have gone far and become a genuine star.

I believe he made an official change in the 1980’s. His real name is Bob Dylan too.

I was not very familiar with Proof, but I always got the impression of D12 that their music was distinctly “theirs”. You have to give credibility for such individuality.

So, Proof done gone poof? We gonna have conspiracy theories regarding his death now?


Yes he is. This is very sad.

A co-worker mentioned this to me this morning. He also said Bizarre was shot in the head. Which really made me sad after he watching him on Celebrity Fit Club and he seemed so, well, sweet.
The co-worker will be glad to hear at least Bizarre hasn’t been killed.
When he first told me I said, “You know, rappers attract bullets.”

Man, I hope Eminem doesn’t go all Everlast on us and decide to “sing the blues” instead of expressing his pain with some good flow.

I really wonder what this is going to do to Eminem. And, I didn’t know Obie Trice was shot in January! (and Bizarre now…?)

Daym :frowning:

Nah, Bizarre wasn’t shot. My co-worker just thought he was.

This is really sad. Proof always seemed like a nice, fun guy, who was def. one of the most talented guys in D12.

So, who wants in on the “When Eminem is going to go crazy and OD again” pool? Oh, or maybe this will cause him to be a total recluse? Who knows.

Sucks though, I love them both.

I forget, what did he OD on? Wasn’t it Ambien or someshit?

And yeah, this is sad. I wish these artists would be smarter about life.

Hm. Crap. Well, I DO know that it’s going to make me next trip home (back to the D in a day) a little more interesting due to the coverage.

I’ll place the odds on a new song/slew of songs at about even. It’s almost inevitable now. The marriage dissolving AND this string of shootings is just fodder that’s too rich for him to NOT write about. I gather it’s how he deals with these things. The songs might not even get released, but they’ll eventually find their way to the internets, and then inevitably pushed into the mainstream.

And if there’s a certain reason for killing Proof as opposed to random violence, oh, there’s already a cd in the making.

In the video for Like Toy Soldiers, Eminem is shown standing over a slain comrade… Is this Proof? The guy that got shot in this video? If so, thats an eerie premonition…

Yeah. Tupak killed him.

Yes, it is in fact Proof who gets shot down in the “Like Toy Soldiers” video. Eminem also says, “I won’t let someone’s coffin lay on my conscience.” Eerie stuff.

And I’m pretty sure it was Ambian (or some equivalent sleeping med) that he OD’ed on.

A hundred percent off topic darling, but did we ever get to the bottom of this “poodle balling”, or did I take the bacon?

No one knows, so I’ll say you win! :: snaps for Least Original User Name Ever! ::

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