Is FIRPO a Real Put-down?

There is a George Saunders short story entitled, “The End of FIRPO in the World,” in which “FIRPO” is featured as some kind of put-down used by the main character’s mother’s boyfriend (and the character himself.)

I don’t have the actual story in front of me, but it was used along the lines of, “Leaving your new bike out in the middle of the street-- what a FIRPO thing to do!”

I can certainly think of derogatory words beginning with F, I, etc., but the story never reveals what FIRPO stands for. (It’s not a surname.) I’m curious as to whether FIRPO is something Saunders just made up to keep people guessing*, or whether it’s an actual insult/putdown. If so, what does it stand for?

*Which is a FIRPO thing to do, IMO.

Googling the term returns lots of different hits. It seems to be a common last name so it probably refers to a person.

Yeah, but if you combine the search with “George Saunders,” all the hits are all caps, so it looks like when referring to the story, it’s supposed to be an acronym.

The closest I have heard is an acronym used by Royal Navy types as an insult.

FRISP = Fucking Repulsive Ignorant Scotch Pig.

The Scotch bit is very important as it really wounds those nationalisitc Scots who absolutely loath the term Scotch when used to refer to Scottish.

I imagine that your term is likely to be something along those lines, but it only works when the subject of the insult knows the meaning.

I was hoping that there’d be an answer to this. A friend of mine has that last name and he’s always hated it. I hope for his sake that that short story doesn’t get made into a popular movie or something.