Is Fox News really all that bad?

People fascinated by “hot” snakes to the point of wanting to keep one or more. I’ve known a few - intelligent, reasonably normal people in other regards. But with a severe lack of common sense in that one area.

As it is there is still a hierarchy of stupidity here. One of the tamer, slower-moving, less toxic species like say my local to me species of rattlesnake is one thing. DUMB IMHO, but not a walking (slithering) death sentence. I know one fellow who took three bites from various rattlesnakes (Western and Red Diamondbacks I believe) he owned or otherwise handled over the years, the last of which hospitalized him as he had become allergically sensitized to antivenin. In every instance it was careless handling because he had become complacent and accidents happen with even the tamest of snakes. But most rattlesnake bites in the US aren’t usually going to kill an adult, unpleasant though they may be (there are a few exceptions). There about 5 deaths a year out of several thousand cases/year of envenomation (mostly copperheads and various rattlesnakes) in the US.

But owning a Forest Cobra (which that one essentially is, it’s a split off a large cryptic species complex) is beyond idiotic. Because a forest cobra is virtually a mamba with a hood. Big, strong, fast, agile, very nervous, very aggressive and incredibly toxic.

The Daily Show clip. Faux News commentary concerning the full FDA approval of the Pfizer covid vaccine vs. what Faux News had to say about Operation Warp Speed. The fucksticks. I’m sorry, anyone that gets their “news” or their opinions from Faux is a stupid, stupid person.

I used to think it was the Fox News channel that was really bad and the website was still OK’ish. I’ve criticized the website for playing stuff up or overlooking things but they have now gone over the top into the deranged zone. Their top story has the headline of “New$om’s Golden State”. WTF? And of course not a mention on the entire page about Elder fake claims of voter fraud.

Why does fox hate wealthy businesses? Are they communists or something?

So they’re saying that the Democrats are good for business. That’s nice of them.

FWIW, there’s now a French version of Fox News.

The website has consisted mainly of editorials in the guise of news, repetitive flogging of tired memes and bikini shots of fading actresses for quite some time now.

Years ago, if someone saw you with a copy of the wretched tabloid N.Y. Daily News, a popular excuse for having it was that you found it on the subway. It’s harder to explain when caught surfing Fox News.

you think fox is bad? heh

Apparently, MSN in the interests of fairness decided to add “more conservative voices” to its newsfeed at first it was national review and the normal mainstream conservative spots then all of a sudden I came across the “Washington examiner” which is so partisan that you’d think trump and co were bankrolling it

Supposedly it’s supposed to counteract the post … and it fails spectacularly

Heres a sample from today:

Oh yeah, both the Washington Times (run by the Moonies) and the Washington Examiner are unapologetically hard-right. I’m not saying I’ve never found a useful article in them, but if there’s a chance to spin the story to smear the left, they’ll do it.

The Right Wing media has managed to keep its viewership in a state of fear for decades, and frightened people (especially ones whose identities are tied up in being the independent Alpha Male in any imagined situation, or the dutiful Helpmeet to him) are very easy to influence.

Surprised no-one posted this already, but regarding the “story” of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend claiming the vaccine gave him swollen testicles Tucker Carlson made a public on-air appeal for Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend to get in touch with the show to talk about his balls.

I should just leave it there, but let’s also reflect on how this particular piece of high school gossip would prove absolutely nothing. I got the vaccine, then the following week I injured my bicep. Can I be on the show?

Tucker could always just invite the two swollen testicles directly and cut out the cousin’s friend’s personal trainer’s dog groomer.

Yep, the left one is usually a little lower :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: