Is Fox News really all that bad?

Baiers “expert panels” are just an insult to the intelligence. He is just as bad as the non news side. Worse probably because it lends credence and cover for antiAmerican antidemocracy. The eyerolling, snark, and smirking cynicism of the (3) cons present are off the charts, just evil and transparently so. The (1) token Dem making peace with them reminds one of Neville Chamberlain. The last word always goes to the fascist. They duck any issue that will involve a conservative having to reflect or think about bad stuff, for their side.

No one should ever call this news. How can Baeir sit there and do this? How can Rachel Maddow claim he has any integrity at all? I bet she’s not doing that these days.

His interest in the US open golf tournament is so much just pretending he is a real newscaster with a soul, like Walter Cronkite or something. They have become so fake they are faking themselves out. Just wretched.

I just heard Baier interviewing Youngkin, who is running against McAuliffe for VA Gov.

The guy is yelling about how TM is going to let abortions occur “up to birth”.

On a news show what should we expect of the interviewer in this situation? Some true thing about truth? Forget it. Baier is in on the scam. He is bad news. What is he thinking?

Fox News tweets that Senator Duckworth doesn’t pay property tax on her Illinois home. You have to read the article (or the angry replies) to learn that that is because the exemption for disabled veterans nulls out the tax on the property. So much for supporting the military.

Well, Fox News is at least this bad:

I’m really not trying to threadshit, but this discussion has been going on for more than nine years. I have neither the time nor the inclination to read all 2700+ posts, so I’ll just repeat what I asked in January of 2019: are we there yet?

Or, consistent with a more accurate usage of “repeat”: Have we concluded whether or not Fox News is really all that bad?



As I often say: A news outlet can’t be considered “bad” until more than 3000 examples of lying and misleading viewers can be presented.

We’re not there yet, so let’s not judge FOX too rashly.

“Bad” is not enough, one must prove that it’s that bad.

Every time we think that Fox is that bad, something new happens and we realize that, no, they’re actually that bad.

We’ll get there when their bar for journalistic integrity has been lowered so far it punches through the Earth’s crust and into the mantle.

So…next Tuesday?

Two weeks.

Will this be covered under the infrastructure bill?

That’s the GOP to the core.

Now there’s a slogan we can all get behind: GOP to the core!

Maybe @Beckdawrek can add in a few Googolplexes of Bads to adequately illustrate the point.