Is Fox's Gotham a prequel to the DC film universe?

IOW is it their version of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.? (I know SHIELD isn’t a prequel, but you know what I mean, is it meant to be a TV presence for the future films). Is the young kid Bruce Wayne in *Gotham *destined to grow up to be the future Ben Affleck Batman in the Superman vs. Batman film? Although Gotham seems to take place in present day, I’ve noticed certain anachronistic things, mostly the cars all seem to be early 80s looking. I don’t really care one way or the other, just curious…

I like the time-mixture of GOTHAM, they have cellphones and TV remotes but old cars and they wear older-style clothes, it’s set in Never-Time.

No clue whether it’s going to tie to the movies, DC hasn’t worried about consistency (e.g., SMALLVILLE didn’t lead to Tom Welling being in the next Superman movie.)

Good lord, I hope not…

Nope. They’re keeping the TV stuff separate from the movie stuff. And the stuff between networks aren’t (currently) connected either. I prefer it that way. Lets creators do their thing without being beholden to some other thing out of their control. The multiverse concept is part of DC’s DNA at this point.

I don’t think any of the DC TV series, not Gotham nor Arrow nor The Flash, are supposed to tie in to any of the DC movies.

The fellow tagged to play the Flash in the movies is not the same actor as in the series, so I agree the answer is No.

In some other universe, though, it might be…

I’m pretty sure the only things that are connected are Arrow and The Flash to each other, and the upcoming movies to Man of Steel.