Is going from 3-MEGs of highspeed Internet...

service to 5 worth it for $5.00 more per month?

My Internet service provider told me the other day that I could get the deal. But right now things seem to be doing okay for me on the Imac at the 3-meg speed. Do any of you now have 5MEGs after having the 3? Are you a happier camper for it?

Incidentally, I’m paying $32.95 with Charter at present time.

It’s really a question that only you can answer.

What do you use the internet for? If it’s mainly for reading regular, basic web pages like the SDMB and news sites, you probably won’t notice much difference, if any. Even if you watch a lot of streaming media like YouTube videos, you probably won’t see much difference, because most of them stream at well under 3 Mbits anyway.

On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time downloading large files, and would like them to download faster, or if you want to download and surf at the same time and do it more quickly, then it could be that a 5 Mbit connection will make a noticeable difference.

Ask yourself what you need from your internet connection. Ask yourself if a 5 Mbit connection would make your internet experience better. If the answer is no, then stay with what you’ve got. If the answer is yes, then ask yourself whether the improvement would be worth 5 bucks a month to you.

Thank you, sir!

You answered my question perfectly. I will stay with what I’ve got. I just thought that if anyone answers with something like, “YES! It makes a huge difference!” then I would have gone for it.

Again, thanks for your comments and time!!