Is grass-fed beef better for you than Grain-finished beef?

The definitive answer to the question “Is grass-fed beef better for you than Grain-finished beef?” is: Who cares!!! If I was really worried about what is or is not good for me I would not eat beef at all, I would become a vegan.:smiley:


I have found it is a matter of flavor, and occasionally of texture.

Grain fed you can end up with antibiotics and hormones added to the feed

Grass fed the animals can end up with agricultural chemicals on the grazing area being eaten by the animals

<shrug> You will hear all sorts of pro and con. Eat what tastes good and you can afford.

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I think it’s better for you.

eat wild

is this an actual question or just a moderately sneaky way to push veganism?

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P.S. I think grain fed beef, because it sounds more appetizing >_<

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