Is Harry Reid a pederast? It seems the burden of proof is on him.

See subject.

I am sorry Senator Reid peed in your cornflakes. We will be comping your stay and bringing you a fresh, urine-less bowl.

If only there was some simple evidence he could produce to clear his name…but won’t. Shame really…

You can go find evidence of pederasty if you want. I’ve looked and I’ve found no evidence that Mitt Romney paid any income taxes in the last 10 years. See the difference?

Yes, but at least he didn’t murder them afterwards like Glenn Beck.

I can go find evidence of people not paying taxes, too. That’s not even a point. That’s words thrown together.

But other people have (supposedly) looked and did (allegedly) find evidence.

I don’t know if Reid’s accusation holds water or not. No evidence has been presented. What I do know is that Romney is hiding something in his tax returns, otherwise withholding them just doesn’t make any sense.

I just hope you’re reviling the attack and not the substance. Because Romney should definitely release his returns. The American people have the right to know and the obligation to demand them.

He murdered Glenn Beck!? Well, we have to give that man another look, he may well be just the decisive, direct sort of leader we need!

If Harry Reid is accused of being a pederast, he can’t disprove it.
If Mitt Romney is accused of not paying taxes, he can disprove it.

It’s pretty simple.

Got my people confused. Thought you were the OP and were continuing to argue the pederast analogy.

Pederasty just shows that Reid is in touch with the people, unlike Romney who only fucks rich boys

Why would he want to prove that he’s a pederast?

Get the Catholic vote?


I’m not going to vote for Romney. No way in hell. I hate the Republicans with a deep passion. I’m not a huge fan of the Democrats, but they’re far more in line with my politics that I frequently vote for them.

But Reid needs to put up or shut up. I’m leaning towards shut up. If he has evidence that Romney hasn’t paid taxes, he needs to present it rather that spouting off.

Even if Romney didn’t pay taxes, I don’t care unless he did it illegally. He’d be a fool to pay more than needed to. (This applies to the “If Warren Buffet thinks he should be taxed more, he should just pay more,” argument as well.) If he did commit tax fraud, the IRS should really get on that.

Romney said it’s not true. So you’ll vote for him anyway if turns out to be true?

I think it’s hillarious, honestly. I have no doubt whatsoever that Reid is just making this up from whole cloth. And I love it :smiley:

And then if Romney does release any more tax returns, they can just claim it to be a fake, and demand to see the long-form tax return documents on file at the IRS.

And then when that is released, call it a fake.

That assumes that the tax returns would show a patriotic and pristine purity on the part of Mr. Romney. As has been noted elsewhere, all Mr Romney need do to utterly crush Mr Reid permanently and for good would be to release these sterling documents.

Perhaps Mr Reid is gambling, but reckless abandon has not been a noticeable tendency for him.

I suspect he might be working off some good inside dope. Or some faulty inside dope, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a no win situation for Romney. Unless there was a leak from the IRS (wouldn’t surprise me), Reid is gambling to some degree.

Also, Reid is a Mormon, I wonder if there’s some kind of intranecine rivalry here.

^^ This ^^

I, too, think it’s hilarious to see one of ours finally learn how to play the right wingers’ game. Bravo, Mr. Reid, Bravo!

(P.S. I wouldn’t be celebrating this behavior if there weren’t a long history of the right pulling this exact stunt. I think it’s time we give them a taste of their own medicine and let them percolate on this for a while. Because they more the freak the fuck out over this “no proof” screeching, the more I’ll point and laugh.)

Romney is a Sunni Mormon, whereas Reid is a Shia Mormon.