Is Howard Stern streamed on the net anywhere?

I’ve found some sound files but is his show streamed anywhere?

I’d like to hear what his show is like.

Sorry, but no. For a longer answer, see this page:

The best solution they have is to try stations that have Howard and that broadcast on the net normally. If you’re lucky one of them will forget to stop the webcast when he comes on, and you can hear him.

For daily summaries that are up remarkably fast, you can try :

Oh well.


I have to say that that site offers a pretty crappy explanation for why stations wouldn’t want to broadcast Stern:

Come on now. Why would you waste your bandwidth on a crappy-sounding (though I admit many have gotten better over the last couple years) streaming radio station, when you could just flip on an appliance that 99% of the U.S. population owns and surf to your hearts content with all your bandwidth intact? Not to mention the fact that you could listen in the car, shower, workplace, or practically anywhere.

I think the real reason had something to do with Howard wanting to make money off webcasts. He addressed this very topic on the air about three or four years ago when I still lived in one of his markets. He went on and on about this amazing official web site he was going to have. To the best of my knowledge, it never materialized.

The great thing about Howard, though, was that he actually knew what he was talking about when it came to computers, unlike virually any other celebrity I’ve ever seen. It was refreshing to hear someone talking about jpegs, gifs, wavs, and .au files on the radio - and this was several years ago!

Your reasoning sounds more acurate than the site. I wish the signals reached Ireland so I could find out if he’s as funny or as hateful as I’ve heard he can be.

I really liked Private Parts so I’d probably like him. Another reason to go to the Big Apple I suposse.

He (Howard Stern) actually talked about this yesterday morning (he had just gotten back being broadcasted in a certain city and he was talking to reporters from there who asked him about it). He basically said that they make money by selling the show to stations to broadcast. Putting it on the internet is giving it out for free, thus no money. He also said that they try and shut down every site that transcribes or records the show because the only thing he owns are his words, and he doesn’t want to give them out for free because then he has nothing to sell. It’s all about the money.

Well, at least he’s honest about it being all about the money. It would be funny though to see him join the Lars/Anti-Napster crowd and refer to what he does as “art” or “his craft”. I know he wouldn’t, but I just think that would be funny.