Is HWSNBN back?

Yue Han, I thought they were talking about Johnsbury? Is it Phaedrus they’re talking about?

Either way, they’re both certifiable 100% mixed nuts.

Yue Han -

What would happen if you said that three times while looking in a mirror? :smiley:

DavisMcDavis, when you referred to me yelling at you for mentioning his name, are you referring to Pashley? Or some other troll whose name I’ve blocked from my consciousness? Refresh my memory, lad…


Wouldn’t count, 'cause he said the last one wrong…

That’s the only thing that saved us all. Otherwise, we’d be drowning in Manny’s $10,000 right about now.

I’ve been meaning to ask this: was there ever any resolution to the $10,000? I strongly doubt Manny got it, but…I never saw a follow-up. Was there one?


John, you’re a cruel, cruel man.

No, there was no resolution to the promised Manhattan windfall. Manny simply never heard from . . . him . . . again.