Is HWSNBN back?

Someone recently turns up in Comments on cecils columns" to attack David B.
there was something very familiar about the posting style…
if so, this should be fun fun fun.

Just wondering…

My GOD man, LINK! Show me a LINK!!!

While I appreciate a mystery, ToF, let’s keep the mystery to “Is this new poster who I think it is” and not “which of forty to fifty threads and dozens of new posters is Twist of Fate refering to?”

A link, if you could, kind sir.

A link and a explanation of HWSNBN would be helpful. I’ve nothing to do tonight and I could do with a good read :wink:

HWSNBN: He Who Shall Not Be Named.

alternatively, HWNSNBS: He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken.

You can search Great Debates for either of those strings and find sone recent descriptions of the issues involved, I think.

My apologies… I knew I forgot something…:wink:

oh, and Its Comments on Mailbag answers…

I really hope it is!! Fun Fun Fun!!!

Hrm…the similarities are there. You may be right, Twistycakes. And if you are, I’d better lay in suply of Advil. I’m gonna NEED it to deal with this clown…

I don’t think so, just similar personalities (a thought scary enough in itself).

While it is true that HWSNBN has used female sock puppets, the e-mail ID for this poster was established (and the profile has no obvious tie-ins to HWSNBN) before any of the really weird stuff went on, here. That suggests a degree of prescience that I will not grant HWSNBN.

I agree, Tom. As much as it pains me to say it, there are lots of people out there who think the same way as our dear little friend. This is one of them.

No no no - it’s not the same person.

I am working on a proof for why it is not the same, but I don’t have time to post it right now. Perhaps tomorrow, after I accept my Nobel Prize for ending world hunger, I’ll have time to post.

beats douglips soundly about the head with a trout

Who is this guy anyway? And what did he do that was so bad he can’t be named?

BTW you don’t have to answer that first one if you don’t want to. :wink:

At this point, I only know of one HSWNBN (only because I named him once and Esprix got mad at me) so I think I know who you’re talking about, and if you ARE, this Tina chick does not seem to be him. I think she’s just some moron from that Left Behind Message Board (I keep getting an image of a left butt-cheek when I say that). Anyway, the HWSNBN that I’m thinking of, whose name rhymes with Laura Ashley, had the same idiotic viewpoint and poor debating style, but an even slimmer grasp on the English language.

The Big Bang Theory, the Theory of Creation, and the Theory that Tina-whateverhernumberis is a total moron. Some theories are more valid than other theories.

Nope, Davis…this is a DIFFERENT HWSNBN.

I know of two HSWNBN (one might just be my own little verboten poster–I don’t want to conjure him up either). The one in question here performed one of the most spectacular crash-and-burns I’ve ever seen. And man, the thread does reek of it.

Oh, Jesus Christ. He’s not a fucking demon. He’s just a whiny bitch who got in over his head and went psychotic on us.




His name is Phaedrus, and I’m not afraid of him or his name.


[vague, but with hushed conspiratorial overtones] 33549 is a Florida zip code. [/vague, but with hushed conspiratorial overtones]

In either case… Named or Unnamed… she’s annoying. I expect much whining, in the wrong forum, of course, and an eventual reprimand. And much rejoicing afterwards (yay!).

Did manhattan ever get the $10,000?