Is it bad to dislike something you're privileged to have?


I really didn’t like college. In general, I didn’t like the people, I didn’t like my courses, I didn’t like the vibe. I stuck through it because I knew how important it was to get a college degree (or maybe not), and as for transferring, well I did transfer from one school to another after my freshman year, but I ended up disliking my second school even more. All in all, except for my time studying abroad (which was FANTASTIC), college was one of the unhappiest times of my life.

I never told any of my classmates how unhappy I was, because I thought it would be rude – if they were happy and enjoying the school, why should I rain on their parade? I think most of them would be very surprised if they knew now how unhappy I was. Since I left school, whenever the subject of college comes up, I still shy away from telling people how much I disliked it, because I’m afraid that that too would be rude – since it’s such a privilege to go to school in the first place, I don’t want to seem whiny and ungrateful by admitting that I hated it. (This, especially, because I went to a fairly prestigious, expensive school.) The fact is, I AM grateful that I had an opportunity to go to college, even though I was miserably unhappy during it.

So my question is, would it be wrong of me to freely discuss with people how unhappy I was during college, or should I just keep it to myself? In general, is it acceptable to express unhapiness about something you’re privileged to have, whether it be college or some other luxury? Is it wrong to even BE unhappy with such a privilege?

I dont think it is rude, I would have found it helpful as a youth to discuss different peoples expectations and actualities at school. Too many kids have the TV/Hollywood impression of college life and have issues when they are not realistic.

I have always disliked certain aspects of college life myself, and when kids asked me about what I did in school I always would pair one like with one dislike, and make suggestions based on what I knew about them.

I’ve always hated most classroom situations.

I havbe good recall of information after one reading. I grasp concepts easily. I don’t really need to have stuff explained to me.

I was always a good student, in the underachieving party college I selected I was generally the “star” student in each class. I don’t even think I fully realized how much I hated it at the time.

Then I entered my last year of college, glad that it would all be over soon. Much to the suprise of my parent and teachers, I turned down a “free ride” all expenses paid stint at grad scholl without a second thought. It was enough already.

Just because you’re lucky to have something doesn’t mean you have to like it.

Anyone who would sniff and say, “Well at least you got to go to college” has issues much larger than your guilt about hating it. :wink:

I dont’ think college is a privilege these days. Everyone is pretty much expected to go. You can go to community college or you can go to an ivy league school, but “college” is not the big deal it was 40 years ago.

Some people aren’t cut out for college. Some people don’t learn well in classroom environments. Some people are drawn to skills and work that don’t require college. Nothing wrong with that. Certainly not worth making yourself unhappy over.