Is it better for a dog to be in a group?

Since dogs are social animals, is better for them to have another dog as a companion? Best to raise two dogs as puppies? Better for them to be in a pack greater than two?

Socialization is very important. Either with humans or other dogs.

My roommate and I have a Dutch Shepherd. Sheba is a lovely dog, but gets antsy if we don’t play with her or take her out to run. Erin often takes her to Lighthouse Field (here in Santa Cruz). Sheba runs and plays with other dogs and get to go to the beach. Hahaha, she’s still scared of the ocean since the first time she went out to get her ball, a wave kicked her ass. = )

We also take here next door to the neighbors to meet their dog and cats.

Our neighbors on the opposite side have a great dog named Sierra… great friendly dog, but she isn’t socialized. Gets in fights with other dogs, barks at everyone who comes near the house, etc.

So having one dog is ok if you have the time to spend with him/her. Just make sure to spend enough time with your dog to play with other dogs too. Otherwise you will end up with a pooch that bites the mailman. = )

Sorry, one more reply…

Dogs are pack animals, as you know. It’s funny since if either Erin or I leave, the dog starts pacing nervously. For example, if I leave and go to work (I used to work from home), Sheba would sit and scratch on the door of my office. Or she would go around the house looking for me.

Silly dog. Her only redeeeming quality is that she eats flies. I think I’ll keep her around awhile. = )))