Is it common to break out in hives due to heat?

The thing about Iowa winters is everyone thinks they are much colder than they actually are. I am generally comfortable outside, but the instant I enter a heated building, I have to frantically stip off layers of clothing or I get too hot and start breaking out in hives. Does this happen to other people?
FTR, I also sometimes break out in hives when I get stressed or angry. It mostly happens when I get hot, though. And even when no hives develop, sometimes it feels like I’m being pricked by thumbtacks. The doctor at the student health center didn’t seem to think it was anything to worry about, but as you may imagine, it is pretty uncomfortable.

It’s a form of cholinergic urticaria and it’s not uncommon. It’s also known as “prickly heat”.

Patients with it should avoid aspirin. Sometimes antihistamines help, sometimes not. Zyrtec seems to be a helpful antihistamine for many with this condition.

The link above has a few management strategies.


My brother gets hives from the cold, which I’ve always found weird. Put an ice cube on his skin for a few seconds, and he’ll get a big red welt.

Is that related to cholinergic urticaria at all?

Tho it’s not well understood, cold urticaria is seen as a form of cholinergic urticaria also.

Well, now I know the name of the enemy.
I forgot to mention that it just started all of a sudden about a year and a half ago, (I am soon to be twenty one) but it seems that is standard for this condition.
Thanks QtM!