Is it difficult to find a family that doesn't get embarrased over sex?

It seems to be very rare…embarrassment is natural to a certain extent especially with young kids/teens, but I don’t see why watching a kissing scene as an adult with your mother should be more discomforting than the Battle of Aleppo IMO…

Recently on the weekend I played a very adult card game with my friend and his sister who both have two lesbian parents. They’re in mid 30s and have a very friendly but serious and quiet demeanor from first glance. What’s interesting though is that they’re completely comfortable (within reason) watching some sex scenes or as I found out last week, playing games like Cards Against Humanity. Long story-short, it involves players answering black card questions with offensive white cards mostly sexual in nature.I was really surprised to hear his mother say ‘What’s that smell?’…‘An erection lasting for 4 hours:D’

I cannot imagine that ever happening in my family. Things like nudity among the opposite sex are a big deal; but I know this is largely common for most families and people including most dopers?

Is this the case?

Can’t speak to anyone else, but my family is pretty damn blunt and salty. When you can have joking conversations with your wife, sister, brother-in-law, and 83-year old retired minister mother about BDSM… Well, yeah. Sex isn’t embarassing. Unless you’re confessing to being bad at it.

Now, my children - Mostly, it’s a pro-forma “Ew, my parents are kissing” squick response, but that’s not really embarrassment - pretty sure that comes under another heading. Especially since both my kids will frankly discuss sex with us - I made a point of making sure they know how things work, including the social behaviors.

I know it’s standard to connect sex and violence in this regard (“They’ll show a guy get blown up but they won’t show a boob!”) but I don’t know if it really holds. Most of us, in America at least, won’t ever be in any real risk of being shot or bombed, much less torn apart by aliens, chased by axe-clowns or fighting ninjas. But pretty much everyone will be engaging in sexual activity at some point. So it’s easier to disassociate ourselves or our children from fictional violence but sex/nudity, even fictionalized, hits closer to home.

Not to defend going ape irate over a naked breast on a statue, of course. I just don’t think the immediate comparison to violence is apt.

I have 4 brothers and we are all very close. None of us ever discuss sex, we make comments about girls being hot when one walks by but thats about as far as it goes. We are all retirement age now so I doubt this will change in the future.

True…also you must compare the severity of sexual content on American TV vs violent content. I’m sure broadcasting Budd Dywer’s suicide would get a lot of people pretty angry…even the image itself.

I’ve never sought to find one.