Is it easier for women to sit with their legs closed?

Is it easier for women to sit with their legs closed than it is for men?

A lot of men say things like, “I need space for my balls.” But for me, the problem with trying to sit with my knees closer together is that it makes my thighs tired. I cant hold my knees close to each other for more than an hour without it making my legs very tired.
Does this only happen to us men? Is it because we have more muscle, fat and heavier legs than women overall?

It is certainly true for this male that crossing my legs or putting them together can squash or put pressure on my nuts.
I suspect that females do not have that problems.

Speaking as a woman who has fat legs, no it is not any easier for me to sit with my legs closed than it is for a man. The thigh closed sitting posture is just one more uncomfortable position forced (or at least people attempt to force) on woman in the name of “daintiness.” Our legs gets just as tired as yours do when forced to keep that position (if not more so because women sometimes have to walk around or stand in high heels before being able to sit.)

So you’re implying that this is a matter of how thick a person’s legs are?

No, not sitting with your legs completely shut, but just try sitting with your knees slightly wider then hip width but narrower than shoulder width.

It isnt your leg size.
Its body mechanics.
Sitting, knees locked together is not the natural position for your body like that.
It’s not really a neutral rested position.
Need someone who is learned in orthopedics or whatnot to give an exact reason, i only understand it from a mechanical stand point, but can not explain it properly

Knees come up legs move apart, hips rotate outwards a little, things are relaxed, nothing is binding or stressed.

Some idiot came up with the idea that woman without knees fused together is an open invitation to what ever.
Probably same idiot that decided things like human bodies are vulgar and require clothes etc.

I bet Grogs wife in 30,000BC sat with her knees farther apart than him, cause she has wider hips. Bet Grog thought nothing at all of it.

Factually, neither the knees-together position nor high heels are required by any law in the country. You’re free to sit how you want and to wear the shoes that you want.

I’ve never had any problem sitting with my legs closed. My testicles move out of the way just fine.

But do your legs still get tired from trying to hold knees close together?
This could be a valid answer to the question when women ask “Why’s it okay for men to man-spread and not us?”

Firstly, in what situation is it OK for a man to “man spread”? I don’t know anyone who is not fat who does that. Perhaps it a (fat) American thing? If I did that, my wife would object: in the past it would have been my teachers/ school staff/ other adults in Loco Parantis.

Secondly, I don’t hold my knees tight together, as a woman in a mini-skirt would: I don’t where a mini-skirt… And I don’t hold my knees tight together when sitting at the mezzanine floor, as I would if I was wearing a mid-length skirt: I don’t wear a skirt.

Thirdly, as a teanager, it wasn’t just my balls that would get cramped if I crossed my legs. I used to get an erection every few minutes, or when a girl walked by, or when a girl spoke, or when I thought of a girl, or … and I’d have to move my legs. After a while, leaving a little space just becomes habitual.

Seriously I agree with your overall post.

Speaking to the snip above …

The fact we’re here today 1,500 generations later is probably due to Grog thinking of little else. “Me want what Grogette showing” is powerful, Powerful magic. :slight_smile:

The advice is to move around and stretch out if your legs hurt after sitting immobile for long stretches of time. Sitting like a non-ergonomic statue is hard without regard to the specific posture.

Sometimes you just like to sit the way you want to be especially you are tired except if someone’s around.

All situations, aside from:

  • When you would be imposing on your left and right neighbors, such as on a train.
  • This one.

You obviously were not cursed with larger than average testicles and penis.

Don’t get me started.:frowning:

I’m sure Grog thought something about it… we’re still here.


Both sides are kinda right:

It’s true that women can hold their legs together a little more easily than men due to their different hip shape.

There’s no excuse for “manspreading” however.
I’m 6"3 and let’s just say in proportion “down there”. I can keep my legs within shoulder width for an extended time if I need to sit in a narrow space.

And, really, ‘manspreading’ is used when a guy had a BIG gap between his knees, like a foot and a half or more, so they’re intruding on the space that ‘belongs’ to the seats on either side of him. Nobody complains if it’s just that his knees aren’t absolutely touching each other.

Look around in any place with individual designated seats, like any theater or stadium. Virtually every guy there seems perfectly able to keep his knees within the width of his seat, and does this for the hours it takes to watch a movie or watch a football game.

And these are places they go to voluntarily and for fun, so it can’t be very uncomfortable, right?

“Manspreading” is not a thing. It’s not something that actually happens, and it’s not something that women actually complain about. It’s manufactured BS to get a reaction out of the anti-PC crowd. We can do better here on the Dope.

It’s true that women often have been indoctrinated into the “knees not touching isn’t ladylike” and we should move past that bit of cultural misogyny, but it has nothing to do with the way men sit. Sit how you want guys, and gals.

Have you tried google images for manspreading? Yeah, it turns out it’s a thing. A label wasn’t invented for a non-existent phenomena.

I agree – within reason. Obviously lying down across 5 seats on public transport while others must stand would be inconsiderate, so there’s a line to be drawn somewhere.

I think taking up a space that 3 people could sit in so you can flare your knees out is on the wrong side of that line. If you close your legs as soon as others try to sit, then fine. But a fuckload of men just don’t.

Do men usually sit with their legs apart and women usually sit with their knees together or legs crossed? Yes.

That curious but fairly benign behavioral difference was then used by Breitbart and other anti-PC troll sites as an example of why “feminazis” were a bunch of crazy idiots no one should listen to. Just like “Did you just assume my gender?”, which no one actually says in real life except people who use words like “cuck” and “social justice warrior” unironically.

It’s manufactured outrage from the alt-right. Don’t fall into their trap.