Women, do you sit with your legs open or closed?

I am a woman and I enjoy sitting with my legs open. I have all of my life. My husband complains about it though. He says that it is unladylike. I just ignore him, and point my knees at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. I just find it easier to relax that way.

What about you?

When I’m at home in the couch, I usually have one leg up on the couch and the other bent under.

If I’m seated in public where my legs are visible, yes, I’d keep them together. But if they are hidden under a tablecloth or I’m in a dark theatre, those legs are going wherever the hell they want to within my square of space!

Depends if Im wearing a skirt or pants. And if Im going commando or not. Too many variables.

What I find odd tho is men who cross their legs at the knee. It just looks prissy imho.

Open, all the time. I don’t have the muscles to keep them together. That’s just the way it is.

If you’re a lady, and you’re doing it, then it’s clearly not unladylike.

Ladylike doesn’t mean anything done by a female. It’s a specific mode of behavior, just as being a gentleman is.

I don’t like the appearance of anyone, male or female, who sits in the 10 and 2 position in the company of other people who haven’t seen them naked. At home alone, or with your SO, sure, but in public it feels disrespectful to me.

And please, if you’re on public transportation or anywhere else where seating space is a premium, don’t block other seats by sitting as if you’re at home on your couch.

Am I misunderstanding something? Isn’t the 10 and 2 position the standard way of sitting for all pants-wearers? :confused:

If I’m wearing a skirt, I try to sit with my knees together for propriety’s sake. If I’m wearing pants, I sit any manner of ways (unless I’m on public transpo or am trying to take up as little room as possible). Currently I’m sitting with legs crossed at the knee.

IANAW, but if a woman is wearing a skirt she is supposed to keep her legs together. If it is the kind of skirt I see nowadays (15" from waist to bottom), then I really think she should.

I would see anything from knees together to knees about 8 inches apart with feet facing forward as the standard way of sitting in pants (not counting people whose legs are crossed). Maybe I’m thinking more about women than men, but I definitely notice the slouchier open legs, so most of the people I see must not be sitting that way. Now I’m going to be spending my day checking out everyone’s lap.

Thank you for being aware of space considerations on public transportation. Your fellow travelers appreciate it.

I always wear pants and I keep my knees close together if my legs are visible (meaning, not under a table/desk). 10 and 2 would be not good in public. I’m too fat to cross my legs so ankles and knees close is the best I can do.

At home in PJs I usually have my legs up or one leg tucked under. And no one to monitor me.

I rest one leg on the other, without fully crossing. Do I pass?

I’m a girl (in case the username didn’t give it away) and I usually sit with my legs crossed or closed.

Depends on what I’m wearing and the situation, I suppose. I am comfortable with them crossed if I’m wearing a skirt or just feel like crossing them. Right now I am alone sitting on a stool at my breakfast counter in my PJ pants and they are crossed. So to me it’s not necessarily a lady-like position, it’s what makes me comfortable at the time. Honestly, I don’t really give it much thought unless the situation calls for it.

I’d say my favorite position to place my legs is any position that allows for my boyfriend to …um…make me happy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I act very “mannish” so even when my ankles are crossed there’s usually about an 8" gap between my knees. I never wear skirts or dresses so it’s not a problem. Lounging around with friends, my legs will go anywhere they please.

10 and 2 is a bit of a stretch though. I consider optimal comfort leg positioning to be more like 11 and 1. I mean, really look at where 10 and 2 is - that’s nearly doing a split!

<Dowager Countess mode on> Well, if a lady isn’t going to keep her limbs together she should at least part them wide enough to do business. </>

Absolutely. As long as no skin shows above the sockular area.

^ what I always say.

If I’m playing an acoustic guitar and sitting, I cross my legs at the knee. The treble side waist of the box rests nicely over my thigh and the result is my guitar is in a comfortable position to hold and play.

Special dispensation for guitar players then.

I often find myself sitting with one leg crossed over the other, and then the foot of the top leg wrapped around my other ankle. Yeah, kind of twisted like a pretzel.

This probably sounds totally repressed but I find it comfortable. If I’m wearing pants I also sometimes do the manly cross–ankle of one leg on knee of the other–but I don’t find this comfortable for long periods of time, where as the pretzel thing is.