Is it illegal to have a clothed erection in public?

Don’t need answer fast.

I’ve always heard that having an erection in public even under jeans could be arrestable for “public indecency” even if you’re minding your own business sitting in your car if a cop happened to see it somehow. To me it seems laughable to think you’d be charged with having a boner in public, but curious where the hell this rumor came from considering I heard two different people online mention it as an example of “puritanical America”.

Experiencing physical arousal (or just needing to pee) has probably never been actionable, even in Mississippi.

Humping a lamppost, on the other hand…

Fortunately I live in the U.S. so I can just say I’ve got a gun in my pocket.

Or Don’t need answer anymore?

It is not against the law unless you are manually stimulating yourself. It may be impolite or inconvenient, however.

Wow, I would have had a lengthy criminal record by the time I finished high school…

Yeah. One aspect of male puberty is sudden intense erections without stimulus, and completely inappropriate times (“Hi, Gramma, oops gotta go!”). It’s simultaneously hilarious and horrifying to live through.

I think I remember reading the man with the largest penis in the world claimed a cop threatened to arrest him for having “an erection in public” but he had to tell the guy that wasn’t an erection that was his flaccid size.

In 1983 I was at a public pool in Washington, DC, and there was a kid there, maybe 14-15 years old, who was wearing swim trunks sitting on the concrete, with an obvious erection. I mean sticking-right-out-there obvious, like he wanted someone to know. It seemed lewd to me even though he was covered. I would think there is some fine line there.

If an involuntary erection is “lewd,” what do you think he should have done?

Don’t you need both hands to hump a lamppost?

Remember Borat’s swimsuit? I have to spoiler this because even if you don’t watch the video, which has other NSFW parts, the preview image itself is NSFW. Borat’s MPAA rating was R, not X…for whatever that’s worth.

Perhaps not looking at peoples crotches is an option to consider?

Nice user pic/post combo.

We seem to have strayed somehow into “Dear Penthouse” territory.

He’s probably referring to Jonah Falcon, who was the subject of a lot of articles and interviews for a short while. He always seemed to view his endowment as a burden he was saddled with, rather than any kind of boasting.

Loitering with a tent.

Anyone else remembering the video about “what if women’s arousal was as visible”?

I don’t think it was involuntary.

If it was against the law Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant would have been arrested long ago.