Is it just me? [losing freedom in the USA--edited title]

every day we lose more of the freedom we as americans are supposed to be thankful for (the american dream) and please dont missunderstand i am not hateful nor angry that americans are slowly losing the status of we the people and home of the free our government regulates way more than ever intended and (we the people) have less freedom of choice,speech and oppinion. At what point do we say enough and take back our rights. I would realy like to hear others thoughts

Heres a few of my issues. Cameras at intersections taxes paid to place them and now we get a picture of our tag and fines that are outragouse my county has voiced our dislike for paying 150 for running the light 60 to reset the camera 30 to develope the pics and 30 to reset the flash its a bogus way to screw the citizens and now that tickets are on auto pilot what do we pay the local law enforcement for

As a Canadian, I’m glad I’m not subjected to such barbarian measures.
Although, to be honest I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Issue # 2 to fight the quote war on crime / drug dealers we now have narcotic perscription regulations on otc cold medicine to keep the meth labs to a minimal anyone in need of a nasal decongestant must surrender your name rank and cereal number so the local law dont have to do there job and catch the criminal they just watch you assuming that you bought sudaphed you must be a meth head and will lead them to the lab so now when your sick remember our protecters are watching you and leering and fyi if you buy sudafed you are now a winner of a police profile that gives the law the right to search and seizure and harrassment under probable cause laws

Punctuation is your friend.

Drve down us 19 in new port richey florida wait about a week check your mail then come back to the forum and let me now how free you feel when your pocket is 360 lighter and you now have 2 points on your dl for not slamming your brakes for yellow and causing a pile up i hope your visit is more pleasant than that honestly

Guinastasia: thank you for noticing and pointing out my lack of proper writing.

I think your post would be a bit more understandable if broken up into a few more sentences. It’s a bit run-on.

Er… your red light cameras need to be “reset”? They use film? There’s a flash reset? I’ve never heard of this. In Chicago they’re all digital. In fact, they’re digital everyone I’ve heard of them being used.

He’s talking about red light cameras that are only supposed to record your plate number if you blow the red light. There have been numerous complaints about these across the country, from accusations of shorting the yellow phase to the point it’s impossible to safely stop in the allotted time to cameras snapping ALL the cars going through an intersection to probably lots of other things. Some of which are true.

No, we do NOT have “narcotic perscription regulations” on pseudoephedrine. If we did, you would need an actual prescription to get it. You don’t. You just go up to the pharmacist and say “I would like to buy X, yes, the stuff with pseudoephedrine in it”.

That’s “serial” number. “cereal number” is how many boxes of breakfast food you have in your pantry.

Completely untrue. Provided you keep your purchases under the legal limit absolutely none of that happens, and the legal limit is quite sufficient for any legitimate purpose. I speak as someone who never stopped purchasing pseudoephedrine containing products. No police harassment, no getting my door kicked in at three in the morning, no search and seizure.

Since those laws kicked in, though, we’ve had a hell of a lot fewer backyard sheds, hotel rooms, abandoned houses, and car trucks spontaneously blowing up. Most of us in my area view this as a positive development. Sure, there is still meth around, but apparently most of it is now manufactured in actual factories in Mexico. Which, no doubt, is still a problem but I have less worry about the car next to me in traffic going ka-boom.

You are obviosly lucky enough to not live where it is aparently an issue. Yes it does suck to wonder if your neighbor has a lab waiting to blow up the block! That doesnt make it ok to lable me because aside from my sinus problems my 12year old son and 14 year old daughter also were cursed with allergies so inevitably i am always to the very limit allowed which in my town is considered priority watch list. Call me sensitive but how would you feel if everytime you leave the pharmacy you happen to have a cop behind you.

OP asks: “Is it just me?”
I answer: “Yes.”

Let me fix that for you:

op asks is it just me i answer yes

I can understand the OP’s SudaPhed gripe. My gf gets pseudophedrine responsive sinus headaches. She asked me to pick up a package for her one day and I was surprised at the regulations. As I finished my purchase I said, “Boy, after all that it’d be a waste not to make meth with this!”

Personally, I’d like to see victimless crimes taken off the books. Knowing the consequences, if someone wants to smoke meth I’m fine with that. If use of a drug leads to a real crime, then fine, prosecute.

But you’re still subjected to being Canadian.

What is this? Nazi Germany!?

I’ve never understood this need to keep typing as though everything in your head is one long run-on sentence. At the risk of derailing this fascinating thread can someone please explain this to me. Compare the first quote above with the second. The OP, while obviously a bit wordy, is quite capable of using punctuation but, for some reason I can’t understand, decided to just vomit the first quote directly onto the screen. Is there some other reason for writing like this…other than the 3 seconds you save from skipping any punctuation? Just curious.

Actually, two states (Oregon and Mississippi) do require prescriptions for pseudoephedrine, and multiple other states have at least introduced bills that would require prescriptions. Cite in PDF format

You know, I’m conflicted. I like Original Right Answer, and yet I like Corrected Right Answer too. Hmmm.

And red lights. And red-light cameras.

But we pretend the red light is behind a hockey goal and that we just scored and according to our contracts must playing to properly receive the accolades. When the cheering stops the lights turn green and we can continue until scoring again.

Thus infringing on my ghod-given right to speed through red lights while high on cold medicine!

OP: who are you going to take your rights back from? The other voters in your county/state/country who apparently voted for the elected representatives who passed these laws? Yes, I agree that our government, especially in the “war on drugs”, is doing unconscionable things, but the voters support those actions. The notion of “taking back our rights” is idiotic unless there is no peaceful recourse, which of course there is: convince your fellow citizens to vote for representatives who agree with you. Your kind of whining is just wanking.

Oh, and if you don’t want to get caught by a red light camera, don’t run red lights.

Oh, again, for the sake of us all please learn to spell and punctuate. This is a relatively educated board, not (insert name of typical online forum aimed at teenagers here).

Oh, finally, welcome to the Straight Dope … :dubious:

I’ve always wondered this too. But every time I’ve ever seen it brought up and asked about, it typically gets buried in the thread and goes totally ignored. So, since you mentioned it, I’ll add my voice to the chorus of asking why this is so. OP, little help?