is it just me?

Or does every star that is out of the public eye for some time “seem” to have a big revelation of a tragedy in the past?

The current celebrity to “share” that she was molested is Vanessa Williams.

Now let me preface this by saying I am not insensitive to this event. I think that people who commit this crime have a special place of suffering to endure.

That being said

Why now? Why does every celebrity have to share this when theyve been off the radar for some time? Seriously? AND!!! It is in a book!

Come buy my book and read about how I was molested. It helps my catharsis to get rich off you!

Sorry, but I tend to look upon these type of people with less sympathy, and IMHO, I think they detract from people who truly have suffered.

Tyler Perry was on some talk show saying how he was molested by many different unrelated people :eek:

Asked and answered. People who need to share their stories for their health share them with close friends, loved ones, and professionals. People who need to share their stories to sell their product share them with a publicity agent who packages them for maximum profit.

You’ll see some of them drag the same story out again every few years to get some publicity.

I don’t believe any of them. I assume this occurs after a lengthy meeting with their publicist that goes something like this:

“We’ve looked into several options, shaving your head won’t work, it’s not enough and everyone laughs. Lohan’s poisoned the wall for awhile on the rehab thing, and you say you don’t want to get pregnant. In the meeting yesterday, we decided some sort of past tragedy would be easiest, and it’s pretty popular right now. So what do you prefer; Molestation? Rape? Abuse? We can do a quick analysis and see which gives you the most bang for the buck. But choose something quick, the cameras are turning elsewhere.”

Yeah. I’m cynical.

I’ve never been molested. Never. I believe that is what has held me back.

Well, we have Vanessa Williams and Tyler Perry mentioned here so far. I seem to recall Rosanne Barr discovering some “repressed memories” or some such thing a number of years ago.

Who else has gone public with revelations like these? I think we’re still a bit short of “every star” as posited by the OP…