Is it just my age, or am I too much of a Star Trek geek?

Something happened at work today that has me wondering if I really am too old.

I work as a baker(suprise, suprise) at the cafe in our library. From my workstation in the kitchen I can see out to the serving line. I saw a customer in line that I had seen before, a middle aged guy(read, older than me, I’m only 48), who has absolutely the worst looking toupee I have ever seen. Although it matches in color what I can see of the hair he has left, a medium brown, it it sort of fuzzy/curly looking, while his own hair appears to be straight.

I mentioned him to our dishwasher, a young man of about 20. And I said to him “it looks as if he has a Tribble perched on top of his head!” Instead of getting agreement with my supremely witty comment, all I got was a blank stare. “You didn’t see the original Star Trek?” “Nope” You really don’t know what a Tribble is?" “Nope” I thought about explaining but decided against it.

So is it just me being out of touch with today’s culture?

nah, that guy is just a dork. only cool people like us watch star trek.

Well, the trouble with him… aw fuck it.

Yes, you are too much of a Star Trek geek. Of course, so am I, so that doesn’t help.

Speaking of my being a geek, I just now realized I put this thread in the Pit, when I meant for it to go into MPSIMS. If a mod sees this before they see my email, could it please be moved?

<< hurries to flame Baker for being an Old Fart clinging idiotically to the Ghosts of Star Trek past before the thread gets moved to MPSIMS >>
actually, I’m the only one I know who remembers why “He’s dead, Jim” is funny, so scoot over, plenty of room for two, there in the Old Farts Corner

And the response to DDG is “you get his tricorder and I’ll grab his wallet”

So long as they continue to cast such incredibly hot-lookin’ ladies, I’ll be a Star Trek geek.

OOh, soft focus sensuality. The budget for vaseline on the camera lens was as much as for special effects. :wink: I do say that fondly but if you want a pit thread that actually touches on ST:TOS join us here

Note: the thread does not attack ST, but uses it as a tool to flame Jack Chick.

I thought even non-Star Trek geeks knew what tribbles were…

You should have said “It looks like he has a Wookiee on his head!” and you would have gotten that nod of agreement that you so craved…


Or you could have said he looked like William Shatner. Trekkie points and a vaguely more comprehensible reference.


I’m a second-generation Trekkie. It’s not an age thing. Some people just don’t know these things, strange as the thought may be!

I’m 32. Star Trek (yes, the original) was standard Saturday/Sunday TV fare for my family when a.) the Bears weren’t on and b.) a Son of Svengoolie movie – preferably Godzilla vs. some kick-ass monster – wasn’t on.

So, I know what Tribbles are, why, “He’s dead, Jim!” is funny and all that stuff. Plus, I love Start Trek in most of its incarnations.

The guy you work with is just clueless.

He’s a loser. You and our sort are cool.

For a while you could reach me via email at Then the email provider went under :frowning:


Oh, the irony.

Dude, I’m 20 and if you had made that statement when I was about 8, I would have gotten it right away.

Well, I’d totally have gotten the remark, and I’m only 27. Then again, I’m such a hopeless geek that I have a strong opinion on wether a Star Destroyer could beat the Enterprise (answer: with both shield generators tied behind its command bridge).

So maybe I’m not really the best person to ask.

I had to explain what a tribble is to my 15 year old sister. :frowning:

On the other hand she knows why “he’s dead Jim” is funny. So it evens out.