The [Pathetically Geeky] Star Trek Rate-a-Babe

…or hunk if that’s more your thing. In case anyone wants to mock me for making this thread, Viva’s partly to blame too! Remember that. :slight_smile:

I still need to draw up a list. I’ll be back in a while to post it.

Jumping the gun on Aesiron’s list…

Kirk: a fine looking man in his younger days.

Picard: a sharp looking fellow with a nice cranium.

Riker: Looks great with a beard; sans beard, the inevitable Pottsie comparisons.

Sisko: Smooth and silky.

Chakotay: something ruggedly nice about him, and a good voice too.

Yes, I can rate women too:

Troi–looked much prettier in the last few seasons of TNG but not so much in the movies.

Beverly: a sexy redhead with beautiful skin.

Seven: looked better on rare occasions when she let her hair down.

That’s all I can manage for now.

I vote for Ezri Dax. And Kes. And Lt. Yar. And Dr. Helen Noel.

  1. Ezri Dax
  2. Leeta
  3. Jadzia Dax
  4. Hoshi
  5. Allysa Ogawa
  6. Robin Lefler
  7. B’ellana Torres
  8. Donatra [Nemesis]
  9. Seven of Nine
  10. Deanna Troi
  11. T’Pol
  12. Kira Nerys
  13. Natasha Yar
  14. Beverly Crusher
  15. Kathryn Janeway
  16. Ro Laren
  17. Kes
  18. Keiko O’Brien
  19. Janice Rand
  20. Kassidy Sisko
  21. Saavik
  22. Christine Chapel
  23. Nyota Uhura
  24. Carol Marcus
  25. Kathryn Pulaski


Hoshi! I’m kind of partisan…

As a casual viewer of the shows, my favorite ST babes are:

  1. Deanna Troi (later in TNG run)
  2. T’Pol
  3. Seven of Nine
  4. Kes
  5. Beverly Crusher
  6. B’ellana Torres
  7. Tasha Yar
  8. Kathryn Janeway

Seven of Nine was One of One.

Y’all have fun arguing now. Contest’s over.

Dax would be a good person to meet, and the symbiowhatevers were Fiiine. Captain Sisko can inspect my cargo hold any time he wants to. If I’m going to lose the use of an arm during, then Ms. Torres would be my choice.

My Yar fixation dates back a long way, and I stand by it.

Mr. Kim, Mr. Sulu, Mr. Chekov and I need to have a few drinks and see what happens.

Mr. Data is apparently fully skilled in all forms of pleasure, which could really make up for a lot.

Uhura. Mmmm. Short skirts and big earrings.

As long as I don’t have to see Riker or Crusher Jr. or hear Cpt. Janeway or Cpt. Kirk, I’ll be fine.

I had no idea I was such a Trekkie.

  1. Ashley Judd’s character - don’t know her name from TNG
  2. Famke Jansen’s character - don’t know her name from TNG
  3. T’Pol
  4. Seven of Nine
  5. Hoshi

Umm, Jeri Ryan, what’s her face and that other one.

Tasha Yar’s evil daughter
Nurse Chapel

Ah, but there are two: the Kirstie Alley one and the Robin Curtis one.

Andrea (TOS What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

Yeoman Colt (TOS The Cage)


Beverly Crusher (Red hair, pale skin, thin, great smile)

Hoshi (Hi, Tars!)

T’Pol (especially in Carbon Creek when the period clothing softened her look)

Amanda Rogers (TNG True Q)

Wesley (He would’ve been a cutegirl!)

Tasha’s little sister (The tight clothing really helped)

Lieutenant Ilia

I’m gonna do top-fives… Based on looks alone, because I have personality issues with some of these characters:

  1. Chekov (I don’t know… I just always thought he was adorable)

  2. Tucker/Paris (they look pretty much the same, so I can’t really put one ahead of the other…)

  3. Picard (maybe a bit too old for me, but he’s got a nice profile, and he’s sexy in a sedate sorta way)

  4. Riker (not my type, but attractive in a large, ursine mammal sorta way)

  5. Sisko (he’s got that poised, powerful thing going on. And I love his voice)

  6. Uhura (She’s just gorgeous. Great legs, too)

  7. Jadzia Dax (good-looking AND strong. You go, girl!)

  8. Troi (great hair, and the accent makes her all exotic and stuff, though I disagree with most of her wardrobe choices)

  9. Seven of Nine (she’s got really nice teeth.)

  10. Hoshi (kinda neurotic, but she’s pretty in a not-absurdly-proportioned way)

Leah Brahms.

Jadzia. She isn’t your boring stereotypical hot chick, and she’s got alot of spunk!! Now how far do those spots go…
Kira. After a few seasons she just got prettier and prettier.
(NOT Seven of Nine, she has a bird nose!!)
Golly gosh, I can not think of ONE good looking guy on the show! :eek:

racks brain

She has teeth?!? Funny, I never noticed.:smiley:
As for my votes:

  1. The Romulan commander babe
  2. Everyone else.

I always thought Majel Barrett was a major hottie, at least duing TOS. Pictures of her from the period sans costume and makeup show her to be even more attractive.

You guys just aren’t anywhere near geeky enough.


Andrea, the android from “What are Little Girls Made Of?” (Sherry Jackson),

Deela, the accellerated time woman from “Wink of an Eye” (Kathie Browne),

Zarabeth, the woman exiled to the Ice Age in “All Our Yesterdays”, (Mariette Hartley)

Dr. Helen Noel, from “Dagger of the Mind”, (Marianna Hill)

Roberta Lincoln, from “Assignment: Earth”, (Teri Garr)

Carolyn Palmas, from “Who Mourns for Adonis?”, (Leslie Parrish)

Philana, from “Plato’s Stepchildren” (Barbara Babcock )


Jadzia Dax
Keiko O’Brien
Dr. Crusher
Various Suzie Plakson characters, in order–K’Ehrlyr, Lady Q, Vulcan doctor, Andorian chick.
That chick from the Gary seven episode.
And all the green ladies