The [Pathetically Geeky] Star Trek Rate-a-Babe


Back when I was watching the Original Series, I was too young to properly appreciate such matters, so no opinion on the various babes-of-the-week that Kirk bedded. But from the other series, I’ll vote:

B’ellanna Torres (by far)
Non-Bitchy Kira
Tasha Yar
The Vulcan chick from the movies
Bitchy Kira
O’Brien’s wife

Dr. Crusher never seemed to do anything for me, and Troi always seemed too over-the-top for me (sort of like Ginger, as opposed to Mary Ann). Jadzia Dax has the looks, but she’s a total ditz. And I stopped watching before 7 of 9 or Ezri Dax.

And I’m deliberately leaving Janeway off my list entirely, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Hmm: Kira and Jadzia Dax. Seven of Nine was ok.

The rest get a big meh. Enterprise has the worst cast on this angle, as Hoshi looks like a little boy (sorry Tars Tarkas, its true) and our Vulcan science officer needs to get a few PSI taken out of her lips. Then again, right now Enterprise is the worst Trek series so that’s right in line with the rest of this train wreck of a season. Nice theme song though.

Ooh! Good call!

I liked that little story arc, too. It was quite inspired.

Judd’s character was Robin Lefler, my number six. :slight_smile:

BrotherCadfae, I am too a Geek! See my 7:18am post.





I really don’t know why I have this sudden obsession with that name… :dubious:

I wouldn’t quite put any of them up as porkable, as I am of course an asexual DoD supercomputer gone mad from its newfound sentience. But I judge that Crusher, T’Pol, and Kira would be superior in a child-bearind and -rearing capacity.

This is rapidly becoming a schtick for me, but I have to say it: Wil Wheaton and Jennifer Love Hewitt were separated at birth.

  1. Ezri Dax
  2. Saavik (Robin Curtis version)
  3. Ro Laren
  4. Keiko
  5. Uhura

NCB, this may be the most disturbing thing I’ve read today.:wally

Kirk (in STIV:TVH - the hospital scene): “Make one little mistake…”

T’pol - Didn’t think much of her at first, but good gawd she is HOT.

Seven was very, very nice.

That early episode of TNG there was that planet of Clones that was dying and they ended up getting together with that band of people that appeared to be a bunch of drunk Irishman or something along those lines. The red-headed woman was HOT too.

I think Hoshi looks like the little boy from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

No time for love, Dr. Jones!


You’re kidding me right? I sure hope so.

Not really something I’ve given much thought, so these rankings are kind of loose. I’m leaving out TOS characters because I haven’t watched enough episodes.

  1. Jadzia Dax. Competent, cute, and exotic.

  2. Bellana Torres. Actually, she may deserve number 1 ranking, but I didn’t watch as much voyager as DS9, so I have less of an opinion of her. Definitely hot in my book, purely on looks, but also on what I remember of her character.

  3. Ensign Ro. I’m not entirely sure why, but it isn’t inexplicable either. Maybe similar to Dax.

  4. Hoshi, with a major qualification. Maybe it’s the influence of her partisans, but I think she’s pretty good looking without the hype. The qualification: she really annoys me at times. Not her fault really, just bad writers. If she was written well I’d have no qualms putting her right at the top.

  5. Dr. Crusher. Occasionally I’d find myself annoyed with her, but it was a fleeting thing. One other problem, she was too much of a mother figure for me to really be attracted to her. On that basis she might deserve a much lower ranking but if that was removed from the picture for me she might shoot up the list. Whatever, this is about the right spot I think.

  6. Troi. Actually, in many ways she’s pretty sexy. However, two things turned me off. One, they tried too hard to make her sexy, not only that they often did a bad job. Two, I don’t really understand her. I think for much of the show they didn’t develop her character very well. That aside, the voice, the body, the face, mmmmmmmm. Like Hoshi, but less so.

  7. Keiko O’Brien. If she got more screen time she’d be higher on the list.

  8. Kira. I’m really not sure where to put her, but I’m not really strongly attracted to her. On the other hand there is some attraction and I watched enough DS9 to become engaged with the character, which in this case helps. Crusher and Troi are also hard to place but at the same time they are more conventionally beautiful and I watched TNG more.

  9. Kes. I don’t really remember her but I checked a site that had pictures and this reminded me of her. I don’t really remember much about her personality and her looks do not blow me away. She makes it on the list.

Now there are a few characters who can’t really be on a list for basically two reasons. One, if they are basically just eye candy, I’m thinking of T’pol and Seven of Nine. Two, if they’re sorta asexual, or at least they don’t really do anything for me. Think Guinan or Dr. Pulaski (and I don’t mean it in a bad way, I just don’t really find these characters attractive).

T’pol is unsettling in my mind, she just looks strange with those big lips and I don’t really think she’s a very good character. Bad writing, bad acting IMHO.

Seven of Nine is a little better, but still boring to me. I have a confession to make, I didn’t really watch Voyager when she was on so I might be a bit unfair towards her. Anyway, she was too “hot” and I got the feeling that she was mostly there to wear tight uniforms. I have the same beef with T’pol.

Wow, I just put way too much thought and time into that post. I don’t even know if it is very accurate, informative, or interesting. But there you go. I might be forgetting a character that deserves mention, but I’m going to stop now.

It’s not the looks that matter. That being said, I heard one woman make this sour grapes comment about 7 of 9 “There are only two good things about her, and they both fill out her uniform.”

As a fellow woman I would of COURSE never find a comment like that remotely amusing. Yea, right, Baker!

For me it would be Picard or Worf, one for the sex and the other for the intellect. but I’m not saying which is which!

Aesiron, I bow down to your Star Trek knowledge. :slight_smile:

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Hoshi looks much more becoming in those rare episodes when she gets to wear her hair down.

The metamorph, Kamala.

Which makes me weirder, the fact that I’ve never thought about this, or the fact that now that I am thinking about it, I can’t seem to make any judgments? :frowning: