Is it OK to Make Fun of Religion Now?

The latest on religious beliefs in America from here.

So this means a majority of American religionists reject evolution. The article goes on to say:

Un-frickin believeable.

Oh, it’s been taboo for people to make fun of religion prior to this? Fantastic! The stifling nature of this message board in particular with its firm stance on the sanctity of religion has been driving me batty. Maybe now we’ll get an atheist or two!
So, you disagree with 91% of the adults in the country. What’s the debate here?

Excellent! Who is man for a lightbulb joke?

It’s not just religionists. I work with a guy who doesn’t believe in evolution, or God. He thinks we were created by space aliens.

I’d love to see how the questions were phrased, especially if there was an option for God-directed evolution. If the question is posed in a way that pits belief in God vs. belief in evolution, God’s gonna win hands-down in America (as well He should IMO). And actually, one can even believe in God-driected evolution for most things, and still believe in a special creation of humanity within the past 10,000 years.

You seem to have posted some information that apparently contradicts your conclusion. You are making a case for the interaction of correlation and causation, but your facts oppose your claim:

The Catholic church makes no opposition to the Theory of Evolution. Evolutionary science is taught in every Catholic high school and college, it has been publicly endorsed by Pope John Paul II, (after having been given an approving statement by Pope Pius XII in 1950 and having been recognized by enough scholars to have been included as a valid scientific approach in the English language Catholic Encyclopedia written between 1909 and 1919).

So, in the U.S., when you find 41% of Catholics misunderstanding or failing to accept the scientific presentation of the development of life, it is simply ridiculous to ascirbe a religious origin for that bit of ignorance. In fact, it would seem to indicate that religion plays almost no part in the development of that error.
(I will not assert that religion does play no part, given the fire-and-brimstone condemnations of evolutionary thought among a few religious sects, but when a significant percentage of members of a group that has provided no barrier to the acceptance of that science and has provided numerous statement promoting that discipline, choose to ignore the science, it is a bit odd to blame their failure on the religion rather than on some other source–perhaps the general antipathy of Americans to science or studying.

If you mean Raelianism, then that’s a bad example, because they do get billed as a religion generally. But the point is valid without the example.

:rolleyes: Yup, because unsupported myth should win over one of the best supported scientific theories ever.

And you could beleive we are all in the Matrix too; doesn’t mean it’s a sensible thing to believe. We know humanity is older than 10,000 years; we have the evidence.

As far as the OP goes, it’s always been OK to make fun of religion, because religion has always been stupid and vile.

Even though the majority of religious don’t believe in creationism, you still think it’s valid to condemn all religion. That’s sooo logical. :rolleyes:

Don’t be silly; religion is “stupid and vile” for all sorts of reasons, not just creationism.

I think this provides enough information to make fun of 73% of Evangelical Protestants. Jeez, how can that many be that ignorant of science to “believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years”?

Like Tom, I am shocked that 41% of Catholics would agree when it is not even part of the Churches teachings.

With any of these polls, I would love to see the exact questions. The way the question is asked can skew the results quite a bit.

FriarTed, what do you mean when you say you can believe in “God-directed evolution for most things, and still believe in a special creation of humanity within the past 10,000 years”?

My understanding is God-Directed Evolution is part of a rational reconciliation that God created the rules that we live by and thus science is valid and we are simply uncovering is rule set. If this is what you mean, how can that reconcile this to the special creation of humanity in the past 10,000 years? The two do not appear to work together when we know humanity pre-dates 10,000 years ago.


No, a majority of American religious people DO believe in creationism. I’m having a hard doing the math, but if one assumes that the 9% of non-religious accept evolution then 52-53% of religious people believe in creationism.

Yes, I am sure that it is just conincidence that the “within the last 10,000 years” crowd believe in that number. It has nothing to do with the bible. There are lots of things in science that are non-intuitive: the earth revolving the sun, heavy things and light things falling at the same speed (absent air resistance), but disbelief in evolution is persistent precisely because of religious nuts opposing it at very turn.

How is that ‘the majority’?
And please cite how many of total religious people the Evangelicals constitutes.

Speaking of Fire and Brimstone, Tomn… I see now that the Pope is re-inforcing to the faithful that Hell does indeed exist.


Now I see Vatican officials are issuing a clarification stating that “hell is symbolic, not physical”, but I don’t get that sense at all from the Pope’s quoted words. Rather the reverse, actually.

I’d be interested in your take on it.

Then you will need to explain why 41% of Catholics are ignoring their religion on this topic when you claim it is religion’s fault.

(And if it was religion-based, should it not be 6,000 years, not 10,000?)

You are having some reading issues:
The key sentence is the article is

So if 91% percent are religious and 48% reject the scientific theory of evolution, using math you get that 52.7% of religious people reject the scientific theory of evolution.

Does that clear up the confusion?


It doesn’t matter what percent of Evangelicals there are. 91% of Americans are religious. 48% of Americans do not believe in Evolution. If one makes the reasonable assumption that most of the non-religious accept evolution, then a majority of the religious in America reject evolution.

Example: there are 100 people, 91 of them believe in God. 52 of them accept evolution. 52 - 9 = 43, so only 43 of 91 religious people accept evolution. Even if 2 of the 9 non-religious folks reject evolution, then a majority of the religious folks still believe in creationism.

The 48 is percentage of all people (religious and non). Period. You can’t magically turn that into a majority of religious people. Anyway, for all intents and purposes it’s a 50/50 split. I think it’s goofy to split hairs over a percentage point or two.

No I don’t, and you can’t make me. I will say, however, that people in America are bombarded with religious influences from more than one religion.

I guess you’d have to ask the people that created the survey.