Is it OK to send an email AS a CV?

To those people who go over resumes and hire people:

I’m applying for jobs mostly on the internet by sending my resume as an attachment to an email. The email itself contains my cover letter. Is there anything wrong with this? As in email application ettiquette? I guess I could write the CV in a Word file and attach that as well, but that seems a bit silly.

Follow up question: why is cover letter abbreviated CV and not CL?

When I apply for jobs online, I put the cover letter in the e-mail and attach the resume (unless the ad specifically asks that the resume also be in the e-mail). Perfectly fine.

Oh, and CV = curriculum vitae, a fancy term for resumes.

I would suggest that for any job that you really like the idea of (as opposed to a might be worth an interview type application) you send your CV and cover letter by post. Unless the job specificaly asks for CV’s by email the fact that you printed and sent it by hand shows more effort from you which may be helpful in getting the interview.