Need quick job search advice!

I’m about to send off my resume for a job I really want. I’ve crafted my cover letter and resume with great detail over the last week or so, but I didn’t think about one thing: I’m applying via email, so do I put the text of the cover letter in the email, and attach only the resume, or do I attach both and put something else in the body of the email? If the latter option, what do I put in the email?


I do the former. Every hiring manager I’ve met has been a very busy professional. They are probably reading this email between two much more important things. Don’t waste their time. It’s ok to let go of the formality of (electronic) “paper” in favor of clear-headed direct communication.

What does matter is the quality of the writing in the cover letter and the substance of the resume. Always research the company and make sure they know you’ve done so. Mention you will follow up, then do so. Have someone else whose command of English you respect read it and comment.

But it sounds like you’re already on top of it. I’m sure you’ll have a job soon enough.