Is it possible for hair vitamins to make your hair smell like dirty hippy?

So, the boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch watching TV last night, and he says, “Why do you smell like a filthy hippy?” I was, of course, all “Huh?” He tells me I smell like patchouli, or sandalwood, or some smell like that that smells like incense or “unbathed commune resident”. Actually, it’s just my hair that smells.

Naturally, I’m a bit alarmed by this.

I’m extra alarmed when he tells me it still smells like that this morning! Oh no, I evidently do legitimately smell like dirty hippy! (I can’t smell it myself, but then I wouldn’t, would I.)

I don’t wear any scented anything. I haven’t changed my shampoo or anything. The only thing that’s different is that a few weeks ago, I (I know, it’s silly) started taking these hair, skin and nail vitamins. I think my hair is really shinier, but then again it could be wishful thinking. Is it even possible that hair and nail vitamins make me smell like a head shop?

Nobody knows? A coworker confirmed that there’s definately something going on with my hair - she sniffed it and said, “I don’t know, what does patchouli smell like?” “You know that guy with the white boy dreads and the Bob Marley t-shirt?” “Yeah?” “You know how he smells that isn’t pot, that’s something else?” “Yeah, that might be it.” Arrrgh!

My shampoo smells nothing like patchouli.

Most of your hair is dead cells, they won’t be affected by anything you take internally. Only the hair you have grown since you started taking the vitamins could be affected; how fast does your hair grow? If it is long, do you get the smell from the ends of your hair? Or it could be having an affect on your scalp and it gets passed to the hair (as oils) via contact.

But shampooing your hair should remove stuff like that, I would think…