is it possible for pain to transfer from spot on the body to a different spot, but staying on the s

on the third saturday of last month, i injured my back playing basketball( back spasm in tail bone), the level of pain was medium. couple of days later the pain moved from medium to excruciating level. I took medication that normally relieves me of pain but not of it works(it felt like pouring nitrogen on a blazing fire, and the fire was not quenched but intensify), i even went to the emergency room, and what they gave me lasted for less than 2 hours and the pain return with vengeance. while the pain was eventually subsiding, i began feeling pain in my right butt cheeks. the kind of pain you feel when you fall hard on your butt, or when you sit down on a hard surface for far too long.
I felt like the pain from my tail bone transferred to my right butt cheeks. Now that the pain in my tail bone is 100% gone, but I still feel pain in my right butt cheeks. now my right hamstring is in pain(more like the muscle is tight)
so my questions is this , is it possible for pain to transfer from spot on the body to a different spot, but staying on the same side of the body?
Also how can i relieve myself of this pain without taking any medication. ( i take ibuprofen and naproxen, which doesn’t seem to help much in relieving me of the pain).
ps. I need advice from people will medical knowledge regarding pain or someone who has gone through what i am going through and are now back to their normal self. also i need advice on how to prevent back spasm (tail bone) from occuring again.

when you get an injury you, consciously and unconsciously, react to it. you might change your posture and movements as a reaction to not feel pain or compensate for the injury. all that can cause new pain or soreness in those body parts reacting as they get overused.

How pain works is still a mystery and any search on the subject will bring up enough science to take your mind off your buttock all day.

There is some consensus on treatment though, this is one such from *here *

You may have compressed or damaged a nerve–that’s consistent with pain in multiple spots on one side of the body but in the same region, the “burning” pain you are describing, muscle spasming, numbness, and the fact that ordinary OTC pain relievers are not working. IANAD but I did have a bad problem with nerve damage, and this sounds familiar.

BUT you need to consult with a doctor about this because it’s not something you can diagnose and treat on your own.

If a nerve is still being compressed, it needs to be decompressed both to relieve the pain and avoid more damage. Your doctor will refer you to an orthopedist or a neurologist/neurosurgeon if you need it. Meanwhile you may need opiates for the pain, or something for neurological pain like Neurontin, and maybe muscle relaxers for the spasming. GO SEE A DOCTOR.

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