Is it possible that vagina become loose if your partner have a big one?

If I realize my wife’s vagina one day has grown looser, can I say that she cheated on me with an African male?

Or too much sex can make girlfriend’s vagina more loose?

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I’d say the answer is no.

IANADoctor, but I think the answer is mostly no. Mostly, because one encounter isn’t going make much difference, but a lot might.

Now that the factual part is out of the way, here’s a classic joke:

Q: How can you tell if your date has had too much sex?

A: The board you have to put across to keep from falling in.

Like wizard’s sleeve?

My you’ve got a big pussy.

My you’ve got a big pussy.

Why did you repeat that?

I didn’t.


If it happens suddenly, as you say in the OP in “one day,” then I feel that it is far more likely that your penis has shrunk.

A classic!

Here’s another: A guy brings a woman he met in a bar to his hotel room. She says, ‘Stick your finger in,’ which he does. Then she instructs him to put three fingers in. He does. She tells him to put his whole hand in. He does. Then she asks for both hands in. He complies yet again.

She says, ‘Now clap’

The guy says, ‘I can’t!’

‘Tight, huh?’

she has learned to relax.

bigger than a baby?


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