Is it possible to find how many GPU's Nvidia sold in what countries/regions?

I’m trying to find how many cards Nvidia sold outside of America, primarily in countries like Brazil, India, China,etc. or at least in other continents, can that be found? I did find something about Nvidia microchip sales per continent, but I am not sure if that’s what I am looking for.

Mostly I’m trying to figure out how much money Nvidia makes by selling low end cards in 3.rd world countries, as opposed to how much it makes selling higher level GPU’s in the western world, for example if it makes more money of of a 1050 or even 1030, than it does out of a 1080 Ti.

Only the chipmaker (nVidia) would have close to accurate data.

Have you checked their earnings reports? They may split out some or all of this data there.

There are some third-party reports that provide this data, but it’s for a fee, and can be very expensive. Gartner comes to mind.

Yeah, scroll down to about page 20 in their quarterly report and you’ll see three months of revenue broken down by region and by business sector. It’s not as detailed as you want, but it will give you an idea of what they’re doing and where they’re doing it.

TheCFO’s commentary may give a little more insight.

If you know how many people use Steam, you could infer it by looking at the Steam hardware survey that comes out every month and lists GPUs by what percentage of Steam users have them, how much they went up/down since the last month.

That would only give you the gaming numbers though.

High-end consumer GPUs must bring in more money than low-end ones. Nvidia has aimed for the high-end of the market for a long time. More accurately, AMD will aim for the low-end of whatever industry it’s in, in part because the founder was a dysfunctional person.

It’s a safe presumption that non-consumer GPUs have higher margins than consumer ones.

Sales figures, and details of sales by product line, are one of the most carefully guarded corporate secrets. Only people inside Nvidia (and only a few of them) are going to know this accurately, and they aren’t telling.

You might be able to get some hints from reports to stockholders & the SEC. Also maybe from import or export reports to various countries. But that’s not likely to bee as detailed as you want.

Which as I understand it, is only a part, possibly a minority, of the GPU market. Cryptocurrency miners buy lots of GPUs.

Not quite. There are many businesses specializing in business intelligence who develop good estimates of this kind of data and sell it to anyone who wants it–but the information is going to cost thousands of dollars.

Why do you want to know this? Are you trying to plan something that could use an alternate source of info?

p.s. if it’s cryptocurrency-related, the whole field is slumping and nVidia has publically announced they expect no significant sales to that market. The rapid fall of Ether’s price, combined with the expected move of Ethereum to a non-mining proof of stake model is why mining interest is unlikely to return.