Is it possible to get famous these days if you're ugly?

What a great sig line!

Sandra Bernhard is buttttttttttttttttttttt-ugly! Good call, Scarlett! And Callista Flockhart, skinniness aside, really is icky. See, it’s not just that her body is so skinny, it’s evident in her face, too, and to me that makes her doubly unattractive. She looks utterly horrid! :slight_smile:

Yeah well Callista ain’t exactly my thing. That is, if i was ever gonna be attracted to a woman…she wouldn’t be it. ::shudders repeatedly:: Sorry.

Also Courtney Cox. What happened to her? She used to be great looking…now she’s so skinny it’s scary. Okay that was a tangent.

Then again, about the OP. Maybe its not that the people aren’t ugly. Maybe its just make up and hair and technology can make you appear good looking. I’ve heard that Madonna for example, isn’t as beautiful as she appears. And of course, there’s attitude. Like people who just seem so wonderful they look beautiful. But that’s just my take.

Lyle Lovett

(BTW, Tarantino has appeared in other directors’ movies, e.g, “From Dusk to Dawn”).

It is harder for a woman who is unattractive to make it. The only truly ugly woman to be a major movie star was Marie Dressler, and that was a long time ago. And some of it is personal taste – I don’t find Sarah Jessica Parker all that attractive (mostly because of her nose, though she’s a fine actress).

Kathy Bates isn’t ugly, but she’s certainly not a beautiful woman.

Um… Steve Buchemi gives me shivers, good ones too.

And I would walk over broken glass for a chance to lick Bill Murray’s boot!

( I like bald nerds too, so maybe I just have odd tastes )

Mmmmm…I concur. On both. :slight_smile:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I’m suspicious of all the fat broads that are ending up on everybody’s ugly list…Rosie O’Donnell has very proportionate facial features, a hallmark of what is appreciated as human beauty. On the fat broad plus side is Margaret Dumont…take a closer look at those old movies…she was a babe. I have a theory that she and Groucho had an affair, spoiling him for all his wives forever…whoops, a tangent.
Name me an attractive Famous Poet. Bloody few. Must be all that drinkin’. And neither Carl Sagan nor Stephen Hawking are exactly handsome, although that doesn’t make them unattractive…Einstein, either.
Am I totally out of line, here? Regis? Yuck. Wonder what the Attractiveness Quotient of the last several Nobel prizewinners is. 'Member The Weather Girls…“Hallelujah It’s Raining Men”? One of the singers had an AMAZING voice, one of the best pop voices I’ve ever heard, all housed in a 400+lb. body. Needless to say, no career. In fact, some brilliant agent cobbled together some skinny kids who lip-synched Milli Vanilli-style to her vocals, and scored another hit. But she has since dropped out of sight…that I know of.

…and Steve Buscemi is hot, hot, HOT. Good acting turns me on.

Stephen Hawking, huh? I’ve only seen him on The Simpsons and Futurama. So never IRL, only in his animated form. He looked rather sexy. Though the voice thing…let’s just say hearing him talk dirty would be a bit strange. I don’t know why but i felt attratcted to him watching those episodes. how old is he, anyway?

So it is possible to become famous if you’re ugly. The only problem is, you’re still ugly. Which won’t stop me from trying.

The members of Public Enemy, especially Flavor Flav, do not rate high on the looks meter.

Beck (Hanson), the bluegrass singer turned ultraecletic star, still looks like a nervous 16-year old trying to avoid bullies in school.

And Marshall Mathers, well, good thing (or bad thing, who knows?) he is the most distictly talented rapper around.

Brtittany sure got some mouth on her. Maybe Eminem does know something about her that we don’t?

Are you kidding? He is so tasty.

Glenn Danzig

Steve Buschimi


Tom Arnold

Jay Leno

Dave Letterman

Conan Obrien
( I see a theme here)


Tori Spelling

Re: ThisYearsGirl’s sig: William H. Macy…would look good in something lacy? (…help)