Is it possible to get pregnant at five?

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I’ve always wondered if that’s possible. Could a girl get pregnant at five?
She’d have to go through puberty at like three, and then have sex.
Although, it is possible to get pregnant before one gets their period.
But that’s usually right before one gets her period.
So I do not
know. :dubious:

Your link , mon ami. :slight_smile:


Here’s a previous thread on the subject we did in 2004.

I think we can safely say that situations like Lina’s would be pretty rare (ie, a five year old getting pregnant, not small children being molested, that is!)

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Why would a girl pregnant at five have to go through puberty at three? Why not go through puberty at five? (Note that I’m assuming that by puberty you mean the release of ova; obviously this is just one part of puberty and may happen before or after the other signs are completed or even beginning.)

If I’m reading the Snopes article right, she had her first menstrual period at eight months old.

I think it’s possible to become pregnant at any hour. :wink:

I wanna know why some guy would want to have sex with a five-year old.

No, you don’t. You really, really don’t want to know that.

I’ve had guys explain that to me (I used to investigate sex crimes against children). It is just to bizarre to hear.

. . . Perhaps, because she does not really understand that saying “No!” is an option?* IOW, the man has all the power in the relationship (which is not the case with any adult woman, however meek she might be).

But then, the same is true of a sheep; and you’ll get in much less trouble if you’re caught.

Must be something else, then . . .

*Yes, I know, 5-year-olds say “No!” all the time – but just on general principles; they don’t really expect it to make a difference.

Maybe this was an extremely rare condition of fetus in fetu a condition where a twin literally forms around the other.

The condition is almost always that of the “inside” baby being the unborn identical twin, but usually the twin is a misshapen blob of tissue with semi-recognizable features such as fingernails and hair.

Dang it. I was going to say, “If everyone gets home from work early enough, sure!”

The condition exists but I would be dumbfounded if this were an example being as I have never heard of one of these twins being born from the second twin, not to mention five years later.

As an aside, I have an aunt who had her ovaries removed. She was very surprised to be pregnant a few years later. Apparently she had one of these partially formed twins within her. When her own ovaries were removed one of the twin’s developed and took it’s place. Strange stuff.