Is it possible to make a gay man straight?

I was flipping the channels on tv and wandered across this religious program on cable somewhere saying that they were able to make gay people straight through religious conversion. Is it possible to make a hardcore (meaning permanent in this case)gay person straight, through religious conversion or otherwise?

Geez, you don’t even have to do a search for this debate. It’s going on right below your nose…

Why would want to?

Answer to the OP: No.

Think about this: do you think that a 100% hetrosexual can become a 100% homosexual by changing his/her religion? Same principle.


Orientation? Probably not (barring a miracle).

Behavior? It depends.

Keeping in mind that only behavior can be sinful. Temptation != sin.


It’s always possible to find someone who has been (or firmly believes they have been) “converted”, for the simple reason that human sexuality covers a large continuous spectrum and the human mind is actually pretty flexible.

I’m disinclined to say anything is impossible when it comes to human psychology.

Is it possible to make a straight person gay?
Is it possible to make a religious person rational? :eek: (err, less superstitious)
Are some of these questions offensive?

Well, if you pull really hard on both their legs and their head, they’d be more or less straight.

I’m with Byan on this one; I think maybe it is possible, in some cases; just like it’s possible to make a sane person insane; apply sufficient pressures and stimuli of just the right kinds for long enough and I’m sure you could sometimes end up with a person who, if not actually changed in a ‘real’ sense (whatever that actually means), would truly believe that they are changed and act that way. I’m not sure how many guinea pigs would be sacrificed in the effort though.

Bryan, sorry.

It’s okay.

But do it again and I’ll hit with a can of stimuli!


Through a cult-ish group it is not only possible to change someone’s orientation but it is easier than any other methods. It works on the same principle as Alcoholics Anonymous. You place someone within a highly-cohesive social (or religious) group and that person will change until his opinions and actions are very similar to the accepted normal of the group.

Hit who?

The OP was phrased this way: “…Is it possible to make a hardcore (meaning permanent in this case)gay person straight, through religious conversion or otherwise?..”

If “permanent” means “never changing” and
the attribute “to be gay” has a meaning that does not
include the attribute “to be straight”–
then the question amounts to:

“Can this specified permanent attribute ‘A’ be replaced by some other attribute?”

No. It is a logical contradiction to define an attribute as permanent and also allow that it can be changed.

Well spotted Scott.

Who was the prominent “I went from gay to straight” conversion poster boy who got caught in a gay bar?

Anyway, no, it isn’t possible.

John Paulk.

He was looking for other poster boys :wink:

In my humble hetero opinion, I dont think it is possible.

I dont think anyone “chooses” to be gay, lesbian, or transexual with all of the discrimination, violence, and teasing they get. What normal heterosexual would “choose” to be one of those? It is the way they are wired. A gay person can no more choose to be hetero any more than you can make a hetero choose to be gay. You cant make someone that way, and you cant change them back.

On the other hand, there are people who will have sex with anyone like: Anne Heche

who is “bi”, and who can prefer men or women, depending on her particular mood at any given time.

Precisely. I agree … and I’m one of the ones who went through all that (OK, so not actual violence), plus self-loathing for a long time. No, I would not chose to live that sort of life voluntarily. But I am what I am.