Is it possible to pre order books at this sort of notice?

I’m going to be in London on business on Monday and Tuesday, and have elected to take the train. There are a few books that I would like to read that I don’t own yet - is there any way that I can order them tonight and have them waiting for me, somewhere near Glasgow station (I don’t leave until early afternoon)?

Call the W. H. Smith’s at the station* and ask them (a) if they have them in stock and would place them on hold / (b) whether they can special-rush-order them for you.

  • I don’t know whether there is a W.H. Smith’s at that station but it seems a safe bet.

There is, but they’ll be shut by now. The more I think about it, the less likely this sounds.

Sorry, I forgot what Sundays are like for British retail.

Download something old from Project Gutenberg.

Why can’t you just buy them in London? There must be hundreds of bookshops down here and they will more than likely have the items you require.

I can and will, I was just hoping to read them on the train.

If you mean that you want to obtain the books before travelling to London then there are also plenty of good bookshops in near to both stations in Glasgow. They won’t have quite the range of the larger London stores but unless your desired reading material is extremely uncommon they are likely to have at least one of the books. And as you are not leaving Glasgow until early afternoon then you should have time to go shopping.


I should really have thought of that!

I think I’m getting too obsessed with the internet.

One of the Borders shops is in Buchanan Street, not far from Central Station, which I assume is the station you will be using.

Thanks all.

As a quick heads up, the reason I am taking the train is that it is costing me nothing (not even in expenses).


All the more money to spend on books, then! :slight_smile: Nice.

Now you have to tell us what books you’d like to read. :slight_smile: