Is it possible to remove the nose from Google's smileys?

Talk about first world problems: Android’s default “Google keyboard” has a useful smiley button :slight_smile: but they come with noses. Is there any way to get rid of that middle dash without having to switch to another keyboard altogether?

I presume you mean on an Android mobile device?


I don’t use Android but is it possible to set up an autocorrect in your custom dictionary to change “: - )” to “: )” (without spaces obviously)?

Have you tried the standard tri-digital manipulation with voice activation?

Just type <colon> <right parenthesis>. How is that harder than going over to the list of smiley faces and choosing the one you want?

Good idea, but sadly doesn’t work.: (

It’s just the way this particular keyboard is laid out. It takes a hold, drag, release, hold drag, release again. Turns a half second affair into a five second one and it’s just annoying. Will probably switch to another paid keyboard, but it was worth a shot.

But it gave me another idea that does work. I just replaced it with something else that’s easy to type. Thanks :slight_smile: