FORUM GAME: Type your nickname with your nose

LOL, a silly game :smiley:

If you mistype, don’t delete it, just post it.

Let me try first:


OK, that was fairly easy. My students are looking at me rather strangely, though. (I knew I should have kicked them out at the start of lunch.)

Suuure it’s easy for you folks who don’t have capital letters!

Here we go:

etA: Oh bugger. Why didn’t it take? Oh well, I got some weird looks, not gonna retry till I get home.

Did you try and hit Caps Lock for the “M”? You probably bumped the Tab key and moved the cursor out of the text field.


OK, the ‘r’ and the two 'o’s were tricky, since my head was bumping into the monitor, but I managed it. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to do numbers, though.


I wouldn’t have been able to do it, though, if someone hadn’t pointed out that I could use the Caps Lock key.

I tried.

If you’ve lost all shame, you could use your tongue to hold down the Shift key… :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that on my iPod touch. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.


Wow, I suck. In my defense, I had to press pretty hard to get the letters to register which also pressed the ones around them.

I guess I have a fat nose.


Well, I guess the second Caps Lock didn’t register.


Is it cheating that I lifted the keyboard to my face instead of leaning down to my desk?

ETA: damn I forgot I used a capital ‘S’


I raised the keyboard to my face too, for all the good it did… Damned if I was going to try to throw caps lock into the mix, with this horrible showing. But dammit, I’m not even in the running for last place, with TheChileanBlob’s entry… :slight_smile:


Pinmre fcresh Scent

Well, at least I showed improvement by getting the last word right.


Wow, my nose is obviously a lot bigger than I think.


Capital J done with caps lock. I have a tiny nose, and am part bird.

ETA: <Insert Hunt and Peck typing joke here>



There was some backspacing in there after I missed turning the caps lock off for TATTOO. Totally doable once I closed one eye and looked at the tip of my nose. I started out typing above where I thought I was. Oh, and having a wireless keyboard prolly made it a little easier. Glad no one was around to see me doing that.